Loon invites everyone to birthday bash June 29

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The Vergas Loon’s 50th birthday celebration is set for June 29. More shirts are being ordered as the first batch sold out quickly.

 Most loons only live up to 25 years, but the iconic Loon of Vergas is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

 A birthday bash is set for Saturday, June 29 at 7 p.m. at the Vergas Event Center.

 The evening includes a ‘60s-themed variety show and a historical movie about the Vergas Loon. There will also be birthday cupcakes at the freewill event.

 Event organizer Melissa Bunkowske said the proceeds (after paying facility rental costs) go toward scholarship programs for Miss Vergas and Princess Altona contestants.

 There are also commemorative T-shirts available for $10. The shirts are sold in sizes from youth to 3X and are available at the Vergas Liquor Store, Quiet Cricket or by contacting Bunkowske at, enchantingevent07@gmail.com.

 “We’re asking everyone who buys a shirt to come to the loon at 4 p.m. the day of the birthday bash, so we can have a community picture to commemorate the party,” Bunkowske said.

 The picture will be added to Rodney Hanson’s historical collection and possibly hung at local businesses, Bunkowske said.

 The idea for the birthday party came about after Bunkowske’s dad noted the 50th anniversary was approaching.

 “My dad (Keith Bunkowske) is really particular about dates and mentioned about a year ago that it was coming up,” she recalled. “It’s a big deal. I think everyone from residents to visitors have taken a picture with the loon. I know any time friends and family come to Vergas that is one stop we make.”

 According to the Vergas Centennial book, building the 20-foot loon took a little ingenuity and a lot of community support and time.

 Donations were raised and services rendered until the loon had a ton of steel for its frame and lots of plaster for its skin. The final painting touches were finished and the dedication ceremony was held Sunday, June 30, 1963.

Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 20:30