White Earth Reservation Job Openings

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White Earth Reservation 
Tribal Council 
Accepting Applications for the following positions:
• Substitute Teacher COL • OMC Counselor Aide/Trainee  
• Youth Development Professional WE • MH Professional • Patrol Sergeant 
• Wild Rice Center Staff  • LPN Mental Health  •IV-D Case Manager • PS Dispatcher 
•  Sub Para Professional • AC Counselor Aide Trainee• AC Counselor Aide • B&G Jr. Staff 
• Police Records Clerk •Job Developer/Case Manager • Urban Social Worker 
• Youth Job Developer/Case Manager • ICW Northstar Program Coordinator 
• Case Manager Human Services  • Supportive Housing Case Manager 
• Unit Lead B&G club • ET Case Manager • COL Teacher • Timber Sales Forester 
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We Offer Competitive Benefits:
Apply to: 
White Earth Tribal Council,
 P.O. Box 418,
 White Earth, MN 56591,
Fax: 218-983-4343
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Time remaining: 38%
24/04/2016 (1 year)