Updates to municipal building discussed

By Robert Williams


The Vergas City Council held a special meeting on Wednesday, May 24, to add an employee to the liquor store. The council voted unanimously to add Sara Stone to staff at the recommendation of Liquor Store Manger Kyle Theisen.

Engineering plans for Municipal Building

Lammers presented proposed engineering plans for the updates to the municipal building. The council requested that the municipal building committee be present for the next meeting with engineers regarding the plans, making the bathrooms handicapped accessible is considered, looking into adding on to the southside of the building for employee bathrooms and/or more storage.

In other business, the council approved the community club’s request to place two metal loons on city property at either the event center, Peterson Park, or at the trail end closest to Long Lake Park. The loons have a cement base and are secured into the ground with spikes. They are transportable if needed. According to Natalie Fischer, the community club has discussed putting the loon in Peterson Park instead of in front of the Event Center.

Emergency Water

Mayor Julie Bruhn reviewed the debriefing meeting of the water emergency, which took place on Friday, May 19. Fischer stated all businesses should be contacted in the future, not just the businesses affected in the area. The Water/Sewer committee will review procedures and make recommendations as well as propose a fine for the business causing the emergency. Bruhn thanked Julie Lammers and Mike DuFrane for the job they did with the emergency.

Ordinance Updates

Bruce Albright reviewed the updated Gravel Pit Ordinance planning commission has recommended for approval. Questions regarding reclamation were discussed. Jeff Hattlewick stated there is black dirt in piles by the trees and along the side of the property not seen from the road with grass coverage that will be used for reclaiming property once it is fully mined. 

Albright also reviewed the Open Burning Ordinance the planning commission had recommended for approval with changes consisting of: DNR permits must be provided to the Clerk-Treasurer 48 hours before burning and the city must be informed what is going to be burned. 

Bruhn mentioned removal of Fire Marshal and Assistant Fire Marshal from the policy and changing the three-foot logs to 3-foot or less. 

A public hearing on both ordinances is scheduled for Tuesday, June 13, at 6 p.m., at the Vergas Event Center for a hybrid setting.

Event Center

The Vergas Event Center is currently raising funds for updating projects. Donations are tax deductible. Call 218-302-5996 ext. 2 with any questions or to make a donation.