Room for Pickleball courts at ballfield  

By Barbie Porter


Snowmobilers should stay off the Vergas Long Lake Trail boardwalk this winter. 

During the monthly Vergas Council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 8, Vergas Park Board representative Sherri Hanson said reflective strips were being installed on the boardwalk to make those out at night aware of the structure as it is left in place as the water freezes. In addition, the park board is working with city Utilities Superintendent Mike DuFrane to have signage made to discourage snowmobilers from riding on the boardwalk.

Hanson also reported discussion about a potential pickleball court is ongoing. After the group viewed the little league fields, they realized there was enough space to create a pickleball court and not impact the baseball field, in case little league were to be offered again. She said the group is looking to have plans drawn up for review and further discussion.

If the project were to move forward, it was noted the city would be the responsible party for insurance and maintenance purposes, as it is on city property. City Attorney Steve Peloquin did say there were options for making a private group responsible.

The popularity of the park board is seeing growth as more community members have expressed interest in joining. Hanson said the number of official park board members is limited, but the group decided to start a volunteer branch that is organized by one of the board members.

Hanson said the board discussed increasing the number of board members but feared if it did that, and one of the members resigned, it may be hard to fill the position. Whereas with a volunteer branch, the board would have a list of potential candidates.

Discussion then shifted to the steps the trail committee was hoping to construct prior to the group disbanding. The need for steps arose after a property owner provided an easement for the trail. That section of land required a retaining wall which made accessing the lake a challenge for the land owners. 

At a previous meeting the council approved spending up to $1,000 on steps, but nothing was agreed upon.

Lammers said a contractor looked at the project and suggested a platform at the top and bottom of the steps. After discussing that option with the county, as a permit would be needed, it was nixed due to encroachment on the road right of way. Lammers said the property owner then spoke to the county and the county came back and said the city could propose a step solution to them.

The council discussed using pavers for building steps and the property owner stated he liked that idea. The council asked for a simple draft  to be drawn up to propose to the county before getting into the details. If all proceeded, the council approved spending up to the allotted amount. If the cost increased they asked the proposal be brought back to the council.

Glenn St. relocation 


The Vergas City Council moved forward with correcting the placement of Glenn Street. 

The street’s location as it is platted is not where the street is currently located. Homeowners in the area asked the city relocate the road to where it currently is, which meant shuffling land ownership and all the legal documentation that goes along with it. 

Peloquin explained the next steps were to ensure all deeds are signed and recorded, as well as holding a public hearing regarding the vacation of the platted road, and dedication of the street where it currently is located.

The council approved and agreed to hold a public hearing at its monthly meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 6:30 p.m.

In other news

• Approved creating a berm for 88 Park View Drive for $2,500. The property was purchased and a house built. There were issues with drainage from where Long Lake Trail abuts the property. The city has an easement, and therefore the property owner could not correct the issue, as it is a city responsibility.

• Approved placing mowing costs on two parcel owner’s taxes. The city had to do the work for property owners to keep the parcels in compliance with city ordinances. The cost for the two parcels totaled $360. It was noted both landowners were sent appropriate notice.

• Approved vacating Lover’s Lane and the roads adjoining it. The road only exists on a plats, and it runs  through where the ball field is currently located. The request came about after the Vergas Lions asked to use city property to create a Veteran’s Memorial. To construct the memorial the road had to be vacated first.

• Approved a gambling permit for the Vergas Lions to hold its annual calendar raffle on March 1.

• Approved three construction permits. One was for a new sign to be installed for the municipal liquor store; one was for 540 Pelican Avenue where a ramp and door were to be built and the last was for the construction of a garage stated to be 28-by-28 feet. It was noted all requests were in compliance with city regulations.

• Approved 2021 liquor and cigarette licenses. It was stated two businesses had yet to get their documents to the city office but had been in communication with the city and intended to do so promptly. Those businesses were approved pending the proper documents were filed.