Frazee council shoots down apartment development discussion in Red Willow, finds different location 

By Barbie Porter


During the Monday, Jan. 11 meeting, Frazee City Council was informed by its engineer, Kris Carlson  of Ulteig, that the water treatment plant project is nearing completion. He explained painters were on-site and water may be running through the facility as early as next month.

After the equipment is fine-tuned the hope is still to have a ribbon cutting ceremony and potentially tours for the public.

Once the cost is known the council will review the billing with a potential increase to cover the expense. 

Carlson also informed the council that there is a grant available to cities and townships to tackle road projects. It was recommended an application be submitted for the grant with the intent of using the funds to renovate South River Drive.

The road follows the Otter Tail River and brings vehicles to the only railroad underpass in city limits. While the city established RV campsites along the road there are no residences, which means the project would entirely fall on tax payers.

The grant was stated to be an 80-20 split with the larger part being covered by grant funding, pending approval, and a maximum amount of $1.25 million that could be approved.

The council was also informed the county plans to make improvements to Main Avenue in 2023. The road is part of Becker County Highway 10. The engineer said he would review the age of the city utilities under the road with the city superintendent and bring back information to the council.

The council reviewed the planning commission’s discussion about zoning for apartments in a proposed new addition near Red Willow Heights. The council expressed such a proposal would not find support, and that single family homes would be better suited for the development.

It was noted that other property has been marked for potential apartment development in the city, and was near a current apartment complex. It was stated that when the group met it was not known the other location was on the table.  

C-2 zone now 

includes youth centers

The council moved forward with the process of changing the zone classification of the former United Methodist Church from residential to commercial.

The former church was sold for a nominal fee to a group known as CornerStone. The former church is in the process of being remodeled to transform the space along Birch Avenue into a youth center and bistro.

Church buildings can fall into any zone classification, but the youth center needed to be commercial. The planning commission suggested adding youth centers to the C-2 classification, and rezoning the property to fit the need.

The council agreed changing the zone classification to include youth centers. 

CornerStone also applied for a conditional use permit, which would change the zone classification of the building. The council agreed to hold a public hearing on the matter, after which more discussion would be had by the council.

In other news

Approved holding its annual monthly meeting on the third Monday of the month. In February the meeting will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 6 p.m., as that Monday falls on a holiday.

• Councilmen Mark Flemmer and Mike Sharp took the oath of office as both incumbents were re-elected in November to serve another term.

The council also approved its annual re-organizational schedule, which included committee appointments. 

Mayor Ken Miosek was appointed to the liquor store, finance, personnel and employee safety. He was also made council liaison to the Frazee Area Action Fund, Frazee-Burlington-Silver Leaf Joint Powers Board and Frazee Fire Department. Miosek will also serve on the economic development authority.

Councilwoman Nicole Strand will serve on the personnel committee and planning commission.

Councilman Mark Kemper was appointed to the liquor store committee and public safety committee and will serve as council liaison for the Lakeside Cemetery committee.

Councilman Mark Flemmer will serve on the parks and recreation committee and public safety committee. He will also serve on the economic development authority.

Councilman Mike Sharp will serve on the finance committee and parks and recreation committee. He will also serve on the planning commission  

• The city had contracted for assessor services with Wes Hagna, but recently approved ending the contract. Instead, the city would contract with the county.

Hagna attended the meeting and asked the council to reconsider, noting he was not made aware of any problems or given the chance to correct them.