By Barbie Porter


The Vergas City Council asked its Utilities Superintendent Mike DuFrane to meet with park board representatives and create a map of where the proposed pickleball court would be built.

At the council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 12, Park Board member Sherri Hanson said the intent is still to have the court placed near the little league fields.  She explained the location to be in the parking lot area, but the council wanted a better visual.

Hanson agreed, and added the park board is eager to begin the fundraising portion of the project.

Dufrane added there may be an issue with the proposed location as an adjoining landowner utilizes the area to access a gate to his property. DuFrane said the area is utilized for his horses.

File photo
Vergas Park Board members are looking to get approval from the council on a location for the proposed pickleball court so the group can begin fundraising efforts. The proposed location is in the parking area near the little league fields.

It was not known if there was an easement, if that was the only access to his property, or if it was used as a matter of convenience.

Councilman Logan Dahlgren asked if there were any concerns of people parking on the court, if it were to be located in the parking lot area. 

Hanson said the court would be fenced so that would not be a concern.

Dahlgren then asked DuFrane if the court would create any issue in the winter time as a location to dump excess snow.

DuFrane said currently the city is allowed to use private property to place snow. However, if that agreement were to change, the options for the city would either be the ball field area or the compost and recycling area.

Water cleaning agreement discussed

During last month’s meeting the council approved an agreement for cleaning its water tower and checking to ensure all elements are functioning properly.

It was thought the agreement included an outside cleaning of the water tower, but that was incorrect.

A representative from KLM Engineering attended the council meeting and explained the three cleanings are inside the tank of the tower to remove sediment buildup. Seals are also checked as well as the integrity of the structure, he said. The contract the city approved was to have three cleanings during a 10-year window.

DuFrane said when he learned the contract did not include an outside cleaning he held onto it and asked a representative from the firm attend the meeting. 

The council agreed to move forward with the contract, which can be canceled or modified at any time.

The council was informed after the cleaning a representative will attend a council meeting to explain the findings and review the cleaning with them.

It was noted the firm, which specializes in water towers, does offer outside cleaning as well. It was noted outside cleaning are recommended no more than every 5 years as each cleaning potentially removes coating from the tower.

DuFrane said to his knowledge the tower has not been washed since it was painted. He believed the painting happened in 2011 or 2012. The interior he believed was cleaned and checked about four years ago. The council was informed that there would be an option to pay for an exterior cleaning for an extended period of time, interest free.

The council requested a contract be presented for the exterior cleaning option.

In other news

• The council was informed only one water meter had yet to be installed in the city limits. IT was noted the individual waiting for the new meter had concerns about COVID-19 and that residence may be awhile before the update is done.

• The council approved transferring a CD from the water and sewer fund totalling $26,247 to the debt service fund.

• DuFrane said the city crew is doing its best to keep the paved Long Lake Scenic Trail open during the winter. However, a big snow storm could make that difficult.