By Barbie Porter


Frazee High School kids are heading back to class just like the good old days.

The district started the year with elementary kids attending in person classes and a hybrid system at the high school. The hybrid system split students into groups. Group A would attend in-person learning two days and then have virtual learning two days, and vice versa. 

When the COVID-19 numbers increased in the school, which reduced the number of teachers able to provide in-room instruction, due to quarantine requirements the learning model shifted to full distance learning. The change allowed paraprofessionals and other staff to help at the elementary so that school could continue with in-person learning.

Two weeks ago the high school returned to the hybrid model. Frazee-Vergas School District Superintendent Terry Karger said the two week trial period went well. 

He stated the number of potential and positive COVID-19 cases in the school are low, so the district is moving forward with full-time in classroom learning.

Karger said hearing the buzz of kids back in the halls was a joyful occasion. 

“Monday the buzz will be louder as the kids are all back together,” he said the Friday prior.   

However, that does not mean business as usual. Karger explained multiple lunch schedules are being utilized and a block system that keeps students in pods. He explained that way if a quarantine is needed, tracking those potentially impacted is easier.

Karger thanked everyone for their patience, and said his hope is all stay healthy so the in-person learning can continue. If there remains minimal cases of COVID-19 in the schools, the potential for more normalcy increases, including social functions such as Snoball and prom.

Helping the teachers and staff at the schools stay healthy are the optional COVID-19 vaccines being offered. Karger said the district is in its third round of opportunities presented. The first round afforded five people to get the vaccine and the second round allowed 15 to sign-up. The most recent opportunity that was offered last week asked all that wished to get a vaccine to call-in to get on a waiting list.