Bailey Peichel secured a pin in his match against Perham last week. He also upset sixth ranked Justin Jobe of Grand Rapids on Thursday. 

Hornets to take on DL, OTC on Thursday

By Chad Koenen


Frazee went 2-2 in a pair of triangulars last week. The Hornets opened their season on Thursday night with a tough triangular against a pair of Class AA schools. The Hornets dropped both matches against 12th ranked Perham and Grand Rapids.

On Saturday the Hornets dominated the upper weights to sweep a triangular against Border West and Staples-Motley. 

This week the 2-2 Hornets will travel to Detroit Lakes for a triangular against Otter Tail Central and Detroit Lakes. 

Xander Kohler works for position during his match against Noah Brenden of Grand Rapids on Thursday.


Frazee didn’t shy away from a pair of powerhouse teams in its opening triangular of the season on Thursday night. The Hornets traveled to Perham to take on Grand Rapids and the Class AA 12th ranked Perham Yellowjackets in their opening matches of the season.

In their opening match of the night, the Hornets fell to Grand Rapids by a score of 39-21.

After a 5-0 decision and a forfeit gave Grand Rapids a 9-0 lead to start the night, Bailey Peichel pulled off a thrilling 4-3 decision over Class AA 113 lbs. sixth ranked Justin Jobe at 120 lbs. Following the thrilling win, Christian Carlson dropped a tough 5-4 decision at 126 lbs. and Grand Rapids’ Phil Keenan picked up a pin at 132 lbs. to make the score 18-3. 

Jake Nagel followed with a 4-0 decision at 138 lbs. and Kaden Hiemenz followed with a tough loss at 145 lbs. against ninth ranked Dusty Wilke by a 6-4 decision. It was the first of four straight wins for Grand Rapids, before Daniel Graham picked up a pin at 182 lbs. against Weston Danielson at the 3:04 mark of the second period. Howard Solem followed with a quick pin at 195 lbs. as he needed just 20 seconds to pin Joseph Berg. 

Byron Kropuenske followed with an 8-2 decision of his own to make the score 33-21 in favor of Grand Rapids. A pin at heavyweight ended the match by a score of 39-21.

In the nightcap, Frazee came just minutes away from upsetting the 12th ranked Yellowjackets thanks to several big pins and a major decision at 152 lbs. by Tyler Moe that made the score 24-13 in favor of Frazee. Unfortunately, a pair of late pins pushed the Yellowjackets ahead for the first time since the 132 lbs. weight class as they came away with a 37-33 win.

After a forfeit and major decision to Perham started off the match, Peichel secured his second win of the night as he won by fall at 120 lbs. Carlson followed with a major decision at 126 lbs. to tie the match up at 10-10. 

Following a Perham decision at 132 lbs. Jake Nagel secured a 10-2 major decision to put the Hornets in front by a score of 14-13. Kaden Hiemenz followed with a forfeit and Moe secured a 16-3 major decision to push the Hornet lead to 24-13.

Perham bounced back with a Jack Fudge fall at 160 lbs., before Brock Barlund secured a 4-1 decision at 170 lbs. to make the score 27-19 in favor of the Hornets. 

Brian Ramos, of Perham secured a first period pin at 182 lbs., before Graham got his second pin of the night, this time at the 2:50 mark of his match against Rorey Lindquist to make the score 33-25 heading into the 220 lbs. match.

Unfortunately, the Yellowjackets were able to get back-to-back second period pins to push past the Hornets by a score of 37-33.

Grand Rapids 39 Frazee 21

106 Lehman, Alex (Grand Rapids) defeated Nagel, Cade (Frazee)  (Decision 5-0) 

113 Brenden, Asher (Grand Rapids) defeated Forfeit, (Frazee)  (Forfeit) 

120 Peichel, Bailey (Frazee) defeated Jobe, Justin (Grand Rapids)  (Decision 4-3) 

126 Morlan, Tanner (Grand Rapids) defeated Carlson, Christian (Frazee)  (Decision 5-4)

132 Keenan, Phil (Grand Rapids) defeated Crabtree, Brady (Frazee)  (Fall 1:21) 

138 Nagel, Jake (Frazee) defeated Wilke, Zach (Grand Rapids)  (Decision 4-0) 

145 Wilke, Dusty (Grand Rapids) defeated Hiemenz, Kaden (Frazee)  (Decision 6-4) 

152 Lehman, Cayden (Grand Rapids) defeated Moe, Tyler (Frazee)  (Fall 2:40) 

160 Jones, Brayden (Grand Rapids) defeated Barlund, Brock (Frazee)  (Decision 6-5) 

170 Prebeck, Tyler (Grand Rapids) defeated Rue, Max (Frazee)  (Decision 8-2) 

182 Graham, Daniel (Frazee) defeated Danielson, Weston (Grand Rapids)  (Fall 3:04) 

195 Solem, Howard (Frazee) defeated Berg, Joseph (Grand Rapids)  (Fall 0:20) 

220 Kropuenske, Byron (Frazee) defeated Danielson, Clayton (Grand Rapids)  (Decision 8-2) 

285 Brenden, Noah (Grand Rapids) defeated Kohler, Xander (Frazee)  (Fall 4:45) 

Perham 37 Frazee 33

106 Mickelson, Chandler (Perham) defeated Forfeit, (Frazee)  (Forfeit) 

113 Ramos, Johnny (Perham) defeated Nagel, Cade (Frazee)  (Maj Dec 8-0) 

120 Peichel, Bailey (Frazee) defeated Kruzel, Levi (Perham)  (Fall 4:55) 

126 Carlson, Christian (Frazee) defeated Feldt, Kaden (Perham)  (Maj Dec 14-4) 

132 Covington, Gareth (Perham) defeated Crabtree, Brady (Frazee)  (Decision 6-0) 

138 Nagel, Jake (Frazee) defeated Byer, Carson (Perham)  (Maj Dec 10-2) 

145 Hiemenz, Kaden (Frazee) defeated Forfeit (Perham)  (Forfeit) 

152 Moe, Tyler (Frazee) defeated Mccleary, Jacob (Perham)  (Maj Dec 16-3) 

160 Fudge, Jack (Perham) defeated Mayfield, Preston (Frazee)  (Fall 0:41)

170 Barlund, Brock (Frazee) defeated Hackel, Hudson (Perham)  (Decision 4-1) 

182 Ramos, Brian (Perham) defeated Rue, Max (Frazee)  (Fall 1:01) 

195 Graham, Daniel (Frazee) defeated Lindquist, Rorey (Perham)  (Fall 2:50) 

220 Enyart, Gordon (Perham) defeated Kropuenske, Byron (Frazee)  (Fall 3:15) 

285 Willprecht, Reese (Perham) defeated Kohler, Xander (Frazee)  (Fall 2:38) 


Frazee swept a triangular in Staples-Motley on Saturday against the Cardinals and Border West. The Hornets dominated the middle to upper weights against the Cardinals on Saturday as they blew past Staples-Motley to win by a score of 47-30.

Trailing 12-3 following a Staples-Motley win by pin at 120 lbs., Christian Carlson won by a major decision by an 11-1 score to make the score 12-7 in favor of Staples-Motley. The Cardinals won by another fall at 132 lbs., before Jake Nagel secured a pin of his own in the first period to make the score 18-13 in favor of Staples-Motley. 

The Hornets dropped just one match between 138 lbs. and 285 lbs., that being at 170 lbs., as they blew past the Cardinals on their home mat. 

Kiemenz won by a fall at 145 lbs., before Tyler Moe secured a 9-1 major decision at 152 lbs. 

Barlund won Frazee’s fourth straight match at 160 lbs. when he pinned Dustin Coverse just 11 seconds into the second period. 

Graham, Solem and Kropuenske followed with three straight pins from 182 lbs to 220 lbs. to put the match out of reach for good by a score of 47-24. 

In its match against Border West, the Hornets once again dominated the middle to upper weights as Border West secured wins in four of the opening five matches of the night. The lone win came at 120 lbs. when Peichel won by fall. 

Following a Patrick Forcier major decision for Border West at 132 lbs., the Hornets won the next seven matches in a row and capped off the match with a Xander Kohler pin at heavyweight to make the score 48-26 in favor of Frazee. 

Securing wins during the seven match win streak were Jake Nagel, Hiemenz, Moe, Barlund, Max Rue, Graham and Solem.

Frazee vs. Border West  48-26

106- Peyton Forcier (BW) received a Forfeit (Score: 0-6)

113- Cole Sykora (BW) defeated Cade Nagel (FRA) Maj. Decision 10-1 (Score: 0-10)

120- Bailry Peichel (FRA) defeated Jude Olson (BW) Fall 4:03 (Score: 6-10)

126- Eli Larson (BW) defeated Christian Carlson (FRA) Fall 4:52 (Score: 6-16)

132- Patrick Forcier (BW) defeated Mason Wilkowski (FRA) Maj. Decision 9-0 (Score: 6-20)

138- Jake Nagel (FRA) received a Forfeit (Score: 12-20)

145- Kaden Hiemenz (FRA) received a Forfeit (Score: 18-20)

152- Tyler Moe (FRA) received a Forfeit (Score: 24-20)

160- Brock Barlund defeated Jakob Adelman (BW) Decision 6-1 (Score: 27-20)

170- Max Rue (FRA) defeated Andrew Hennessy (BW) Decision 8-5 (Score: 30-20)

182- Daniel Graham (FRA) received a Forfeit (Score: 36-20)

195- Howard Solem (FRA) received a Forfeit (Score: 42-20)

220- Issac Ebnet (BW) defeated Byron Kropuenske (FRA) Fall 1:06 (Score: 42-26)

285- Xander Kohler (FRA) defeated Noah Edelman (BW) Fall :28  (Score: 48-26) 

Frazee vs. Staples-Motley 47-30

106- Chase Mikel (SM) received a Forfeit  (Score:0-6)

113- Cade Nagel (FRA) defeated Aiden Winter (SM) Decision 6-5 (Score: 3-6)

120- Colbe Tappe (SM) defeated Bailey Peichel (FRA) Fall 3:39 (Score: 3-12)

126- Christian Carlson (FRA) defeated Jason Trantina (SM) Maj. Dec

11-1 (Score: 7-12)

132- Dalton Wells (SM) defeated Mason Wilkowski (FRA) Fall 2:44 (Score: 7-18)

138- Jake Nagel (FRA) defeated Rafael Caudillo (SM) Fall 1:20 (Score: 13-18)

145- Kaden Hiemenz (FRA) defeated Blake Neelan (SM) Fall 3:18 (Score: 19-18)

152- Tyler Moe (FRA) defeated Conner Dobson (SM) Maj. Decision 9-1 (Score: 23-18)

160- Brock Barlund (FRA) defeated Dustin Coverse (SM) Fall 2:11 (Score: 29-18)

170- Logen Weite (SM) defeated Max Rue (FRA) Fall 1:32 (Score: 29-24)

182- Daniel Graham (FRA) defeated Sam Jennisen (SM) Fall 3:20 (Score: 35-24)

195- Howard Solem (FRA) defeated Steven Petrich (SM) Fall :40 (Score: 41-24)

220- Byron Kropuenske (FRA) defeated Alex Giza (SM) Fall 2:32 (Score: 47-24)

285- Cole Winkels (SM) defeated Xander Kohler (FRA) Fall 4:40 (Score: 47-30)