By Chad Koenen


Frazee dropped a pair of matches to a pair of top 10 ranked teams at the Royalton-Upsala triangular on Thursday night.

In their opening match of the night, the Hornets fell to 10th ranked Royalton-Upsala by a score of 30-27. 

Bailey Peichel put the Hornets on the scoreboard with a 7-3 decision at 120 lbs., before Christian Carlson followed with a 4-1 decision at 126 lbs.

Jake Nagel won Frazee’s third straight decision when he secured a 6-3 decision over Will Gorecki by a 6-3 score. The decision made the team score 9-9.

Following a pair of Royalton-Upsala decisions, Preston Mayfield secured a pin over Eli Psyck at the 3:02 mark of their 152 lbs. match to make the score 15-15. 

Seventh ranked Gabe Gorecki of Royalton-Upsala secured a 10-4 decision over Brock Barlund and Aiden Olson followed with a pin at 170 lbs. to make the score 25-14 in favor of the host team. 

The Hornets went on to secure three straight wins, including a 12-8 decision by Daniel Graham at 182 lbs. and a 2-0 decision by Howard Solem at 195 lbs. over Austin Wensmann.

Byron Kropuenske put the Hornets in front by a score of 27-24 when he secured a pin at the 23 second mark of his match against Bryce Holm to make the score 27-24 in favor of Frazee.

Unfortunately, waiting in the wings was fourth ranked Mason Nowitzki of Royalton-Upsala who was able to come away with a pin at heavyweight to put Royalton-Upsala in front for good by a score of 30-27.

In its other match of the night, Frazee won three straight matches by fall from 138-152 lbs., but ultimately fell to seventh ranked Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie by a score of 54-18. 

After BHVPP won the opening five matches of the night, 10th ranked Kaden Hiemenz secured a first period fall over Blake Sumstad at 138 lbs. to make the score 23-6 in favor of BHVPP. 

Tyler Moe followed with Frazee’s second straight first period fall when he defeated Gauge Malone at 145 lbs. to make the score 23-12. The pin occurred at the 54 second mark of the match. 

Just 4 seconds into the second period, Preston Mayfield was able to secure a pin over seventh ranked Justin Koehn to make the score 23-18 in favor of the Raiders. It was the final match the Hornets won in the dual as they fell by a score of 54-18. 

The pair of losses drops the Hornets to 4-7 on the season. This week they will host a triangular against Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa and United Clay Becker. The first match will get underway at 5 p.m.

Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie 54 Frazee 18

106 Arceneau, Bennet (BHV) defeated Nagel, Cade (Frazee)  (Tech Fall 18-1) (Score: 0-5)

113 Revering, David (BHV) defeated Forfeit, (Frazee)  (Forfeit) (Score: 0-11)

120 Captain, Deagan (BHV) defeated Peichel, Bailey (Frazee)  (Fall 2:46) (Score: 0-17)

126 Larson, Aiden (BHV) defeated Carlson, Christian (Frazee)  (Decision 6-2) (Score: 0-20)

132 Thompson, Reese (BHV) defeated Nagel, Jake (Frazee)  (Decision 4-1) (Score: 0-23)

138 Hiemenz, Kaden (Frazee) defeated Sumstad, Blake (BHV)  (Fall 0:30) (Score: 6-23)

145 Moe, Tyler (Frazee) defeated Malone, Gauge (BHV)  (Fall 0:54) (Score: 12-23)

152 Mayfield, Preston (Frazee) defeated Koehn, Justin (BHV)  (Fall 2:04) (Score: 18-23)

160 Schroeder, Mason (BHV) defeated Barlund, Brock (Frazee)  (Fall 1:22) (Score: 18-29)

170 Peterson, Brock (BHV) defeated Rue, Max (Frazee)  (Fall 2:54) (Score: 18-35)

182 Dean, Hunter (BHV) defeated Graham, Daniel (Frazee)  (Maj Dec 14-6) (Score: 18-39)

195 Ervasti, Gideon (BHV) defeated Solem, Howard (Frazee)  (Fall 1:48) (Score: 18-45)

220 Grant, James (BHV) defeated Kropuenske, Byron (Frazee)  (Decision 4-3) (Score: 18-48)

285 Captain, Hayden (BHV) defeated Kohler, Xander (Frazee)  (Fall 0:31) (Score: 18-54)

Royalton-Upsala 30 Frazee 27

106 Olson, Lane (RU) defeated Nagel, Cade (Frazee)  (Decision 7-2) (Score: 0-3)

113 Yourczek, Brady (RU) defeated Forfeit, (Frazee)  (Forfeit) (Score: 0-9)

120 Peichel, Bailey (Frazee) defeated Zimmerman, Michael (RU)  (Decision 7-3) (Score: 3-9)

126 Carlson, Christian (Frazee) defeated Bzdok, John (RU)  (Decision 4-1) (Score: 6-9)

132 Nagel, Jake (Frazee) defeated Gorecki, Will (RU)  (Decision 6-3) (Score: 9-9)

138 Simmons, Sawyer (RU) defeated Hiemenz, Kaden (Frazee)  (Decision 2-0) (Score: 9-12)

145 Leibold, Jacob (RU) defeated Moe, Tyler (Frazee)  (Decision 9-3) (Score: 9-15)

152 Mayfield, Preston (Frazee) defeated Psyck, Eli (RU)  (Fall 3:02) (Score: 15-15)

160 Gorecki, Gabe (RU) defeated Barlund, Brock (Frazee)  (Decision 10-4) (Score: 15-18)

170 Olson, Aiden (RU) defeated Rue, Max (Frazee)  (Fall 2:20) (Score: 15-24)

182 Graham, Daniel (Frazee) defeated Novitzki, Hunter (RU)  (Decision 12-8) (Score: 18-24)

195 Solem, Howard (Frazee) defeated Wensmann, Austin (RU)  (Decision 2-0) (Score: 21-24)

220 Kropuenske, Byron (Frazee) defeated Holm, Bryce (RU)  (Fall 0:23) (Score: 27-24)

285 Novitzki, Mason (RU) defeated Kohler, Xander (Frazee)  (Fall 1:02) (Score: 27-30)