By Chad Koenen


Saturday may not have been the section finals, but the Frazee Hornets got a bit of revenge on Saturday as the Hornets defeated Badger-Greenbush-Middle River by a score of 38-30. The two teams have met in the Section 8A finals in each of the past three years, with the Gators coming out on top in the past two. 

The win capped off one of the best weeks of the season so far for the Hornets as they went 3-1 overall, with a pair of lopsided wins over Wadena-Deer Creek and Barnesville in a triangular on Thursday night.

This week the 9-10 Hornets will host a triangular against Crookston and United North Central on Thursday in their only action of the week. 

The section tournament is scheduled to begin the week of March 15. According to the QRF standings, the Hornets are in fourth place in a wide open Section 8A bracket. BGMR is in first place with a QRF ranking of 17, while United North Central is second in 18th place, Crookston is in third with a QRF of 26 and Fosston-Bagley is in fifth with a QRF of 49. 


Frazee swept a triangular at Wadena-Deer Creek on Thursday in dominating fashion as the Hornets won by a combined 150-15 margin.

In their match against WDC, the Hornets dropped just two matches and took advantage of seven Wolverine forfeits to come away with a 72-9 win. 

Cade Nagel got the match off on the right foot as he secured a pin at the 1 minute mark of his 106 lbs. match against James Seelhammer. Following a Mason Brauch 5-1 decision over Sebastian Sonnenberg of Frazee at 113 lbs., the Hornets won three straight matches by forfeit to jump out to a 24-3 lead. 

Josh Mellema started another impressive streak of four straight Hornet wins by pin when he secured a pin late in the third period of his 138 lbs. match against Eli Benning. Tyler Moe, Preston Mayfield and Brock Barlund followed suit with second period pins of their own to make the score 48-3 in favor of Frazee. Following a WDC pin at 170 lbs., the Hornets won three straight matches by forfeit and Xander Kohler won by pin at heavyweight in just 31 seconds to come away with the 72-9 win.

In Frazee’s other match, the Hornets won all-but one match to come away with a 78-6 win over Barnesville. Once again the Hornets were the benefactors of seven wins by forfeit and Cade Nagel, Jake Nagel, Moe, Daniel Graham, Byron Kropuenske and Kohler all secured wins by fall for the Hornets. 

Frazee 72 Wadena-Deer Creek 9

106: Cade Nagel (FRAZ) over James Seelhammer (WDC) (Fall 1:00)

113: Mason Brauch (WDC) over Sebastian Sonnenberg (FRAZ) (Dec 5-1)

120: Brady Borah (FRAZ) over (WDC) (For.)

126: Christian Carlson (FRAZ) over (WDC) (For.)

132: Jake Nagel (FRAZ) over (WDC) (For.)

138: Josh Mellema (FRAZ) over Eli Benning (WDC) (Fall 5:44)

145: Tyler Moe (FRAZ) over Brandon Wheeler (WDC) (Fall 3:22)

152: Preston Mayfield (FRAZ) over Seth Stroeing (WDC) (Fall 2:41)

160: Brock Barlund (FRAZ) over Grant Seelhammer (WDC) (Fall 3:11)

170: Koby Endres (WDC) over Max Rue (FRAZ) (Fall 1:48)

182: Daniel Graham (FRAZ) over (WDC) (For.)

195: Howard Solem (FRAZ) over (WDC) (For.)

220: Byron Kropuenske (FRAZ) over (WDC) (For.)

285: Xander Kohler (FRAZ) over Matthew Wegscheid (WDC) (Fall 0:31)

Frazee 78 Barnesville 6

106: Cade Nagel (FRAZ) over Asher O`Brien (BARN) (Fall 3:02)

113: Sebastian Sonnenberg (FRAZ) over (BARN) (For.)

120: Brady Borah (FRAZ) over (BARN) (For.)

126: Christian Carlson (FRAZ) over (BARN) (For.)

132: Jake Nagel (FRAZ) over Hunter Blilie (BARN) (Fall 1:29)

138: Josh Mellema (FRAZ) over (BARN) (For.)

145: Tyler Moe (FRAZ) over Dawson Gregg (BARN) (Fall 0:34)

152: Preston Mayfield (FRAZ) over (BARN) (For.)

160: Brock Barlund (FRAZ) over (BARN) (For.)

170: Max Rue (FRAZ) over (BARN) (For.)

182: Daniel Graham (FRAZ) over Gavin Grommesh (BARN) (Fall 2:44)

195: Brady Kroll (BARN) over Howard Solem (FRAZ) (Fall 1:14)

220: Byron Kropuenske (FRAZ) over Jordan Kroll (BARN) (Fall 5:31)

285: Xander Kohler (FRAZ) over Tim Wells (BARN) (Fall 0:31)


Frazee won seven straight matches to blow past two time defending state champion, BGMR, 38-30 on Saturday. The Gators are currently in the Lean and Mean rankings for The Guillotine, but the Hornets were able to get the best of the Gators for the big section win.

Cade Nagel got things going for the Hornets with a 5-0 decision at 106 lbs. After BGMR won by fall and a 9-6 decision, the Hornets went on a seven match winning streak that began with a Christian Carlson fall at 126 lbs. Jake Nagel followed with a tech fall at 132 lbs. and Kaden Hiemenz secured a first period pin to give the Hornets a 20-9 lead.

Moe secured another tech fall at 145 lbs., before Preston Mayfield secured a 7-2 decision to make the score 28-9 in favor of Frazee. 

Barlund won by forfeit at 160 lbs. and Max Rue made the score 38-9 when he won by a major decision at 170 lbs. 

While BGMR won the final four matches of the day, they were unable to overcome Frazee’s big run in the middle weights to fall 38-30.

In Frazee’s other match of the afternoon, the Hornets fell to Bemidji by a score of 44-25. After the Lumberjacks won the opening three matches of the dual, Carlson, Jake Nagel and Hiemenz went on a small run for the Hornets as they secured an 8-6 decision and back-to-back pins to tie the score at 15-15. 

Unfortunately, the Hornets would come away with just two more wins in the afternoon as Daniel Graham secured a 12-3 major decision at 182 lbs. and Byron Kropuenske won by a pin late in his 220 lbs. match. 

Bemidji 44 Frazee 25

106: Brody Castonguay (BEMI) over Cade Nagel (FRAZ) (Fall 0:42)

113: Gavin Osborn (BEMI) over Sebastian Sonnenberg (FRAZ) (Fall 0:28)

120: Hunter Heim (BEMI) over Bailey Peichel (FRAZ) (Dec 6-4)

126: Christian Carlson (FRAZ) over JD Kondos (BEMI) (Dec 8-6)

132: Jake Nagel (FRAZ) over Seth Sisneros (BEMI) (Fall 2:53)

138: Kaden Hiemenz (FRAZ) over Noah Leffelman (BEMI) (Fall 3:01)

145: Thade Osborn (BEMI) over Tyler Moe (FRAZ) (Dec 8-2)

152: Dane Jorgensen (BEMI) over Preston Mayfield (FRAZ) (MD 10-0)

160: Seth Newby (BEMI) over Brock Barlund (FRAZ) (MD 12-0)

170: Hoyt Solum (BEMI) over Max Rue (FRAZ) (Fall 0:44)

182: Daniel Graham (FRAZ) over Owen Seitz (BEMI) (MD 12-3)

195: Colton Hinrichs (BEMI) over Howard Solem (FRAZ) (Fall 0:46)

220: Byron Kropuenske (FRAZ) over Nate Schwinghammer (BEMI) (Fall 5:52)

285: Caleb Bahr (BEMI) over Xander Kohler (FRAZ) (Fall 2:49)

Frazee 38, BGMR 30

106 Nagel, Cade (Frazee) defeated Berg, Christian (Badger-GB-MR)  (Decision 5-0) 

113 Isane, Elliott (Badger-GB-MR) defeated Sonnenberg, Sebastian (Frazee)  (Fall 3:39)

120 Janousek, Jaxon (Badger-GB-MR) defeated Peichel, Bailey (Frazee)  (Decision 9-6)

126 Carlson, Christian (Frazee) defeated Dezelar, Bode (Badger-GB-MR)  (Fall 3:16)

132 Nagel, Jake (Frazee) defeated Olson, Tony (Badger-GB-MR)  (Tech Fall 15-0) 

138 Hiemenz, Kaden (Frazee) defeated Janousek, Danyn (Badger-GB-MR)  (Fall 1:06)

145 Moe, Tyler (Frazee) defeated Beito, Brogan (Badger-GB-MR)  (Tech Fall 18-2) 

152 Mayfield, Preston (Frazee) defeated Undeberg, Garrett (Badger-GB-MR)  (Decision 7-2)

160 Barlund, Brock (Frazee) defeated Forfeit (Badger-GB-MR)  (Forfeit) 170 Rue, Max (Frazee) defeated Hanson, Damion (Badger-GB-MR)  (Maj Dec 13-2) 

182 Waage, Nathan (Badger-GB-MR) defeated Graham, Daniel (Frazee)  (Decision 5-2)

195 Vacura, Caleb (Badger-GB-MR) defeated Solem, Howard (Frazee)  (Fall 5:45) 

220 Vacura, Dominik (Badger-GB-MR) defeated Kropuenske, Byron (Frazee)  (Fall 1:37)

285 Beito, Dawson (Badger-GB-MR) defeated Kohler, Xander (Frazee)  (Fall 1:52)