Silent Auction fundraiser draws a big crowd

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Trevor Janich will be offering services indefinitely at the Cowboy Church after the unexpected death of its pastor Brian Erickson.

By Barbie Porter


Trevor Janich will be taking over the pastoral duties for an indefinite period of time at the Cowboy Church located along State Highway 34 in Detroit Lakes.

The former pastor at the Cowboy Church, Brian Erickson, recently died suddenly. Janich said that his church, True Life Assembly of God in Detroit Lakes, had partnered with the Cowboy Church and one in Menahga about three years ago.  

Janich said Erickson is dearly missed, but the team of church leaders will provide services to the parish and help them and the family of Erickson deal with the loss.

A silent auction was recently held for the family. Janich reported all items were sold and about 330 vehicles of visitors and bidders attended.

“We have a supportive church network,” Janich said. “We step up to help each other.”

He assured the mission of the church will remain the same, with a come as you are mentality.

“If you’re doing chores, come in your chore clothes,” he said. “However you are most comfortable is perfectly fine. The church has a rustic cowboy motif, but that doesn’t mean you need to come dressed as a cowboy. We want everyone to join us in sharing the gospel’s message in a non-judgemental environment.”

He added his hope is that  those who attend feel the Holy Spirit work within their hearts and it helps them transform their personal lives through God.

Services at the Cowboy Church are provided at 6 p.m. on Sundays and a small group service is provided at 6:45 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Janich wakes up to hear message to serve God 

Janich grew up in the Fargo-Moorhead area, where he attended the First Assembly of God in Fargo. During a retreat in eighth grade discussion arose about future careers, and he knew he wanted to spend his life helping others. 

When he entered his sophomore year in high school Janich decided to pursue a career in mechanics. He explained being a vessel of God was never out of the plans. He just new the pay is minimal for pastors and having a degree would offer additional financial stability when he started a family. He earned his degree at MState. He married the love of his life, Angela, and began working for his father-in-law.

While at a church service Janich was seated in the back left corner of the sanctuary. Lost in his head for most of the sermon, Janich said he “woke up” for the conclusion. At that time the speaker pointed to where he was seated, all alone, and explained not everyone that belongs in ministry is.

“I felt like the Holy Spirit spoke to me,” Janich said.

After the service he visited his mother’s house and told her he was considering calling Northwest University to begin studying to become a pastor.

“She didn’t bat an eye. When I told my wife she said it is about time. When I told my father-in-law he asked me, ‘What took you so long?’”

Trevor Janich

Janich enrolled, as did his wife, and they both earned degrees. As they started a family their studies didn’t slow as they went on to earn master’s degrees while living in Washington.

The two settled in Detroit Lakes several years ago. That was about the time the True Life Assembly of God remodeled the church. Janich said he believed the church initially opened in Detroit Lakes in 1927. The church built a new house of worship at 18330 U.S. Highway 59 in Detroit Lakes about 35 years ago.