By Barbie Porter


The Vergas City Council learned Mark Sand & Gravel is making corrections to the gravel pit located along East Looney Lane.

During its monthly council meeting on Tuesday, May 11, the council heard the results of the annual site survey conducted by the city engineer company, KLJ.

Engineer Scott Kolbinger said last year there were setback violations on the south side of the pit, which were existing prior to the city adopting a gravel pit ordinance. The processing area exceeded the 5 acre limit slightly and there were two slope violations.

The survey completed recently showed the setback violations were slowly being corrected. The slope violations noted last year had been corrected and are in compliance. Kolbinger said the processing area expanded and is now estimated at 5.4 acres.

City attorney to retire

Steve Peloquin has been the city’s legal representation for several years. During the council meeting he announced his plans to retire. He stated the law firm he is retiring from is interested in continuing the partnership. 

Peloquin stated he has enjoyed his time working for the city, noting they have been a good client to work with. He offered to stick around and help, should the city go with the law firm from which he is retiring. He added the other option is to put out a request for proposals.

The council agreed to gather proposals and review all the options before deciding how to proceed.

In other action

• Approved an EDA tax abatement program for new commercial buildings or additions to existing buildings. The opportunity would provide five years of tax abatement relief for any new structures or additions to buildings. 

The program would require taxes be paid as normal. Any tax additions created by a new structure or addition would be abated, and the city would return that portion of taxes to the property owner. However, the property owner would need to be approved for the abatement program before any program incentives would apply.

• Approved hiring Nancy Jacobson to teach swimming lessons in Vergas. It was noted, for record keeping purposes, the city would require a list of students and their swimming level.

• Approved allowing small sheds on vacant property, providing they are under the required square footage noted in the policy and a primary residence is built within two years.

• Approved moving forward with dedication Townline Road.