By Barbie Porter


Photos by Barbie Porter
The Frazee Golf Course was the vision of a nine-man board of directors that formed in 1963.  

Dan Kaldahl’s family is known for providing the lakes area that offers a quality resort with a five-star golf course. He brings that lifetime of knowledge to Frazee Golf Course as the new manager.

Kaldahl sharpened his skills understanding the intricacies of golf courses at Fair Hills, before taking work at a lodge. He was called back to the golf course industry because that is where his heart remained.

“I love and enjoy the golf business,” Kaldahl said, adding he and his wife Annette moved back to the area to be closer to family.

Dan Kaldahl is the new manager at Frazee Golf Course, 34482 State Highway 87. 

The majority of his focus has been on the maintenance side of the operation, which is imperative to earning a solid reputation as a golf course. When people come to swing through nine holes, there are unspoken expectations—the fairways should be manicured and the greens meticulous.  While Kaldahl has meet expectations to keep the courses he has worked on up to par, he is now taking on a new role as the manager.

He was happy to find the opportunity at Frazee and noted the course is “a gem of lakes country.” 

Nine men created a board of directors for the nine-hole course on Sept. 13, 1963. A site was selected along State Highway 87 shortly after the board formed. Finances were arranged and the course laid-out. Construction began on the par 35 course that included watered fairways and greens. 

Once the business was up and running, annual membership increased to 161 by 1975. But, the number was misleading as a membership could include a family. The actual number of golf members enjoying the course was closer to 260, according to the Frazee Centennial history book.

Another committee was formed to take on the task of renovating the club house. The club house was a one story home that came with the parcel of land. By Feb. 15, 1975 contracts were in place for spring construction of a new club house with  a grand opening on June 14, 1975.

Kaldahl, a 1985 Detroit Lakes graduate, said he is a terrible golfer who loves the sport. Luckily, being at the course is one of his favorite places to spend time, as well as his wife’s.

“She is a 1979 Frazee High School graduate,” he said, adding she works in the pro shop.

Regardless of the level of play, Kaldahl believes the Frazee course offers challenges and a lot of enjoyment. There are also leagues for men and women. A couple’s league and family night are in the works, as well as planning new events.

Kaldahl also holds a business management degree from Concordia College. Bringing much knowledge to the management position, Kaldahl said he also knows it is best to learn what works before considering additions or enhancements.

“I’m eager to continue learning and see from experience what can be done to invite more people to the course,” he said. 

The road construction at the State Highway 87 bridge can be bypassed by heading down west Main Avenue. Once on the other side of the river, it is a short jaunt down the highway to the course.