To the Editor,

Last Saturday the Park Rapids American Legion honored its members with a Twins baseball game and bus ride down to the cities. Always a fun day, but … We left at 8 a.m. and arrived at the stadium around noon, an hour or so before game time. We went into the stadium to find our seats and concessions, etc. and looked out onto the beautifully manicured stadium floor and there was something missing … no players warming up, no nothing. 

Anyway it was early, surely there must be a different way to get ready for action. A half hour passed, then another and finally we had the chance to sing the Star Spangled banner so game time is near. Then about half hour after the game was to begin, they announced it had been postponed until September due to potential thunderstorms coming later.

What? Whoever it was in the management team that pulled this prank should be identified and held accountable for the deception and the inconvenience to loyal Twins fans. Management knew early in the day there would be no game, but the opportunity for making money off a “no-game” selling food, drinks, merchandise and keeping the ticket money was too overpowering to do the right thing by the fans. 

No, we’re not going back to the September game and maybe we’ll just start following the St. Paul team instead. Kirby wouldn’t have liked this. 

Lee Purrier,

Park Rapids, Minn.