By Tyler Trieglaff

Notes from the Chief

We are farming away as best as we can.  Them dang weathermen have jinxed us a couple times.  Seems that I should be able to issue them some sort of a citation or summons for their constant errors.  

All the pairs are out on the pastures and the bulls should be having the time of their lives for a couple weeks.  Ideally, they are all bred so we have that short calving season which leads to more consistent calf sizes.  Our hay making is moving along slowly, about a week behind where we would be with somewhat normal moisture. Two self-propelled haycutters (New Holland 1495 and 1499 haybines) with air conditioning make life pretty easy for the boy and the old man.  These are two investments we’ve made in the last couple years.  The haycutters are 30-40 years old, but they suit our farming practices.  Our newest tractor is a 1969 John Deere 4020, the same model year as my ex-wife.  The New Holland 654 round hay baler I bought a couple years ago makes bigger bales than the old NH 848 balers and uses net wrap instead of twine on the bales.  The net wrap holds the bales together better and is almost like a “shed” on each bale, leading to better hay quality if the hay is stored outside.  We do use some older roll-bar rakes to turn the hay.  My brother and I each used to drive a small tractor and each pull a rake to turn the hay to dry and put 2 windrows into one.  This way the baler has to make less trips up and down the field.  When I was in high school, we got the idea to hook two rakes together to save on fuel and manpower.  Now we actually have 2 sets of rakes to speed up the process.  All these little upgrades still keep us farming in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, but that is what works for us.  There are no payments for the equipment, but we do have some repairs.  With the older equipment, it is possible to do many of the repairs on our own.  I do get tons of knowledge from the local equipment dealer.  It is so handy to have a dealer for the red and yellow machinery so close.  Sometimes I might come out of there with more bull…. on my boots than when I went in, but I always enjoy a trip to implement dealer.  

One more thing…. My ice cream maker is broken so if ya’ll can say a prayer, that would be much appreciated.   

Friday July 2 

1:07 pm    Welfare check on a female outside the Dollar General.  Officer gave female and her dog a ride to DL.

1:27 am    Assist with a medical.

Saturday July 3

3:05 pm    Assist with a medical.

8:34 pm    Disturbance on Rivercrest Drive with many people involved in a fight.  Corey Davies, 39, Frazee arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct.  Laderia Davies, 36, Frazee cited for 5th Degree Assault.  Anthony Newlun, 30, Frazee cited for Disorderly Conduct.  Joshua Newlun, 29, Perham cited for Disorderly Conduct.  Jason Payne, 38, Frazee cited with Disorderly Conduct.  Landlord letters sent for rental property violations.

9:54 pm    Fireworks complaint on E Main.  When officer arrived, people were done celebrating America.

11:03 pm    Report of a male with a firearm on E Main.  Unable to locate.

Sunday July 4

9:03 pm    Report of a disturbance on Rivercrest Drive.  Same parties involved as above call.

10:59 pm    Assist a motorcycle rider with some minor repairs so he could make it home safely.

11:12 pm    Fire at the Eagle Lake Park.  Garbage started on fire by fireworks.  Officer got to witness the best hose draggers in the township at work.

1:59 am    More drama with neighbors bothering other neighbors on Rivercrest Drive.

Monday July 5

11:14 pm    Complaint of people celebrating their freedom on S Lake St and 2nd St SE.  Officer talked with those involved and they agreed to stop for the evening.

Tuesday July 6

8:47 am    Welfare check on a female requested by an employer.  Female moved out of her residence in Frazee.

Wednesday July 7

10:03 am    Assist with a traffic stop on US Hwy 10.

11:27 am    Traffic stop with citation for Expired Registration (2019) issued to Morgan Taylor, 19, Audubon.

11:46 am    Assist with a medical.

3:38 pm    Vehicle unlock.

6:25 pm    Mother reporting babysitter and kids were followed by a male in a vehicle by the Lions Park and by their house.  Babysitter did not call in right away.  Awaiting more information if it becomes available.

8:35 pm    Female reporting being harassed by neighbors.

 Thursday July 8

8:39 pm    Fencing company trying to put up a fence and adjacent property owner had vehicles in the way.  Officer and deputy talked with owner and vehicles were moved.

2:51 pm    Landlord looking for options as two units had given their 30-day notice and had not moved out.  Officer advised the issue is civil and they must be evicted through the courts if they do not move out.

8:23 pm    Assist with a suspicious activity by Eagle Lake.  A male was reported to be walking through yards.  Officer and deputy found the male who was walking home.  He said he got dropped off/left at the park by a friend who was crazy.  He was asked why he was walking through people’s yards and he said because he didn’t want to get run over by his friend.  Deputy gave the male a ride to his residence.

10:01 pm    Parking complaint on E Main.

1:10 am    Welfare check on a teen female who possibly made threats of self harm.