To the Editor,

I wanted to write a little letter about some things I have thought about for quite a few years.

I have heard it so many times and even said it myself about other little communities, “What a great little town. So many neat ideas to bring people together. They must have so many volunteers and so much community support.”

Frazee is a great little town, but it is up to all of us to make it even better. It seems we have the same few people who are working hard to make Frazee a stronger community. We have a great little community club of just a few members who put in many hours of work to promote Frazee and bring more people into Frazee. The community club organizes and volunteers for numerous community events with the goal of bringing people together and supporting our local businesses. They don’t get enough credit for all the work they put into improving this little town.  I would encourage every business owner in Frazee to become a member of the community club; I think it is really important!  You don’t have to attend every meeting, but show up on occasion to show support, bring ideas, and better yet, get involved.  

We have had a few community activities this summer that have been a great example of community service and community unity promoted by the Frazee Area Community Club. One was the clean up day where just a handful of dedicated and caring families and individuals came out and spent the evening cleaning the streets of Frazee. The other is the Thursday night Crazee in Frazee event of live music, food from our Frazee queens, and mini parade: a fun little night to bring people into town and build excitement for our big community celebration. Our Frazee Turkey Days celebration is coming up and we need everyone to come out and support our little town by attending events.

If we want Frazee to be better, we need more people to get involved, help out, show up, and support our businesses and community efforts.  We need more organizations, business people, teachers, school administrators, school board members, city councils members, church organizations, firemen, people representing all of these groups Frazee needs you to help out our community, promote our community and build up this community. All of these groups and organizations that I mentioned need the people of Frazee to support them when asking for school referendums, school organizations, church fundraisers, fireman fundraisers, your businesses and more. It would be so great to see you out and about in our town working towards making Frazee one of “those other little communities” that we see flourishing and growing.

Lastly, I see so many peple complain on Facebook about all the mistakes people are making and how the community club should do this, or the school should do this, or this organization or business should do that. Well, if you are one of those people, it is time for you to step up, stop complaining, and come out and make a difference. If you really want to be heard and if you really care about Frazee, get involved!

Kenny Fet