By Barbie Porter


Photo by Barbie Porter
Father Lon Konold uses wind and tension on the string to launch a massive octopus kite last week in Frazee.

Father Lon Konold stood near the Frazee overpass bridge of U.S. Highway 10  flying an octopus. The colorful kite made of nylon and silk stretched 49-feet long and floated on 440-pound test line that was wound in a spool. “There are other kites that need less heavy line,” he said. “You need the line to be strong enough to hold the kite as it is being pulled with the wind.”

The Buffalo, Minn. resident was working in the lakes area last week. As he headed towards home, he spotted the overpass at Frazee’s west entrance.  The location offered high ground, a steep ditch and a stretch of land without utility poles. He took the off ramp, and unloaded his largest kite. 

As he let the gusts of wind work, the octopus kite from the grass and into the air, he said, “The trick is to get it above the treeline.”  

Photo by Barbie Porter
A massive octopus kite was flown in Frazee last week.

While living in Norway, Konold examined the lay of the land and a daydream transported him back to childhood. The image of flying a kite rose. He realized where he lived in Norway would be an optimal kite launching area. 

“While on vacation, back in the states, about 35 years ago I bought my first one,” he said. “It was a delta shaped kite; 6-or-7-feet wide and about 5-feet tall.”

Konold has been flying kites ever since. While on business trips or traveling for fun, Konold keeps a few kites in his vehicle. He shared when the weather is right, flying a kite is a great way to break up a long drive, relax and enjoy time outside.