The 2021 Road Rally was a hit with 13 teams entering the competition this year.  The Road Rally was filled with clues and challenges related to gambling. The teams started at the Frazee Essentia Clinic where teams showed off their Road Rally spirit with decorated cars, fun costumes, Turkey Day Buttons old and new, skits, songs, and even a little bribery. All the teams were given a set of clues that sent them out on a road trip of twists, turns, games, clues and various items to pick up along the way. All the teams finished the Rally again this year with most teams finishing in 2½ hours.  

The top team was “Stone Broke Ranch” led by driver Jen Doll. Team members included Albert Doll, Nancy Wick, Darrell Wick and Tom Golkowski This team finished in under 2 hours, completed their word find, found every item on the list and made the most unique purchase at the Wolf Lake Liquor Store. They also created a rap song that was fourth place overall.  

In second place was the team called The Gamblers Part Two.  This team was led by Jolene Tappe and included team members, Andy Paurus, Sheila Ziegler, Shelly Oswald and Amy Keller. They completed the course in 2 hours and 24 minutes.  This team scored high by dressing up for the rally and performing a skit before they left, having old and new Turkey Day pins, and also placing third in the rap competition.  

The Perfectly Suited Team was awarded the “Spirit Award” for their clever take on a Vegas-style wedding that includes gambling, songs, and spirit. This team was led by Roxanne Fletcher and included “soon to be married in Vegas” James Miller and Hanna Klinefelter. The team also brought along their sweet dogs Viva and Vega. They shared a performance at the beginning and earned the second best rap performance   

The Rookie/Newbie Award went to Team Johnson’s Jam. The Rookie Award goes to a team that is new to doing the Road Rally. Team members were Joe and Mandy Johnson and their children Mekiah and Skylie. They took on the course with enthusiasm, picked up most of the items, and came back to the end with the best rap song. 

“This family can rap!” exclaimed Ta Fett, one of the event volunteers.

The Road Rally Chairperson, Danita Ketter, put together a great team of volunteers to provide a fun and adventurous experience for Turkey Days.