Eagle Lake Park discussed

By Barbie Porter


Photos by Barbie Porter
Frazee’s Town Lake Beach house design was recently revamped as committee hashes out details. More modifications could be made in the future. 

After hearing suggestions to modify the proposed beach house design at Town Lake, a new picture is beginning to emerge. 

The Frazee Parks and Recreation Committee met on Tuesday, Aug. 3 and Frazee City Administrator Jordin Roberts presented the committee with a new floor plan that took less square footage. Less does not mean the project’s overall plan is diminished. The concept still calls for a concession and non-motorized water craft rental space. It was noted there are options for the rental/concessions area to have a window or half door to conduct business transactions. 

The committee agreed they will likely need a credit card machine at the concession and rental facility, as many no longer carry cash.

The building also has bathrooms that lend itself to easy maintenance.

Roberts added the design continues to offer an open concept. While the beach house is open for service, large garage doors could lift to provide an airy feel, but be secured when closed. It was noted the garage doors being considered are not the typical ones seen on single-family houses.

Kayaks and paddle boards are being considered as amenities those visiting Town Lake Beach could rent.

The latest rendition also made the beach house seasonal.

Roberts noted by removing the need for heat, the city stands to save a lot on the project. The bathrooms could be closed for the winter and the space could be used for storage of the park and city items.

The committee also dreamed about potential future amenities that could be offered, such as large outdoor shade covers, a shower spigot for swimmers to have a quick rinse to prevent sand from being tracked into the beach house (and reduce swimmers itch, if it is an issue). 

The committee agreed to continue its funding search and reach out to the county as well as other resources to help pay for beach house projects.

The committee turned its thoughts to winter and the skating rink. The downtown rink site is no longer an option as a commercial building is being built. The committee considered a dozen possible locations, from the park near the sledding hill, where the demolition derby is held, by the clinic, in Red Willow Heights and more. Space, logistics and safety were reviewed with each proposed site and there were a few the committee seemed to consider top options. However, nothing was finalized, but the committee seemed committed to continuing to provide the amenity to the city residents.

The committee also heard from its public liaison, who noted a list of broken equipment was being made. The list also notes if a damaged piece of equipment may be a hazard to children. It was noted an adopt-a-park program is being considered, and other cities with similar programs are being contacted for input.

The committee also learned that a committee member had been approached by a lake home owner on Eagle Lake, who suggested a lake association is/was being formed and the group would be interested in purchasing the park from the city. 

The committee asked if the intent of the association would be to keep the area a park and a public access, and if that could be required as a stipulation, if the committee or city were to consider the option.

Selling the park has been floated by the committee and city, as it is out of city limits and would provide funding to improve the beach at Town Lake.  

The committee has also looked at offering seasonal camping at Eagle Lake Park. It was noted there is plenty of paperwork and other requirements that would need to be met and approved if camping were to be allowed. However, if they traveled down that avenue it would potentially provide annual income for the parks budget.