Notes from the Chief…. Hey folks, did you miss me? Again, I can admit fault when I screw up and forget to send in my report. I took last Thursday off and by the time I remembered on Friday morning, I was not able to “git ‘er done”. With that I did run into one avid reader who brought some light to the old Huakebo house. I was informed that Mr. Hesby was the first teacher to live in the house and the now retired Dr. Hendrickson was also a tenant. He was also the one who snuck in the hot plate for the guys to cook on. Another tidbit of information I learned was that old house was owned by Vern Daggett before he built across the street. Quite a lot of information can be learned by running into a friend at a

parking lot in Perham.

Not a lot going on at the farm as the haying season came to an abrupt halt. We have some round bales

to haul home yet and I hope that is done soon. The cows are on the pasture and some is better than others, but we still need some rain. The corn will be chopped a few weeks earlier than normal and some have already done that. Usually, we leave the bulls in until Labor Day weekend but with the hay

shortage, this may be the year to pull the bulls earlier. This will mean a few more cows may not be pregnant, but this will be the time to send them down the road so we don’t have to feed the later calvers. Not sure what we will do yet. We do have a pen of Holstein steers that are very close to slaughter weight. We ran out of corn in the silo but were able to scrounge a couple loads from another farmer. We have never raised steers to fats before, so this will be an interesting couple of months when they start to finish out. I will keep you posted on the goings on at the farm and hope you all have a good week.

Friday July 30

12:12 am Female reporting being harassed by ex-boyfriend. Extra patrol requested and information

given on restraining order.

Saturday July 31

10:40 pm Suspicious activity reported at Town Lake Trailer Park. Two males were dumpster diving into

a roll-off dumpster after a trailer was cleaned out. Nothing illegal and males were asked to make sure

they cleaned up any mess they made.

11:10 pm Assist with getting wedding guests out of town and on their way to Park Rapids.

Sunday August 1

4:23 pm Report of a possibly suicidal adult male in town. Officer talked with male and his mother and all was ok.

9:41 pm Vehicle unlock on Co Hwy 33.

11:07 pm Report of a lost purse from the wedding the night before.

Monday August 2

10:55 am Loose dog on 2 nd St SE. Citation for dog at large issued to Nicole Allent, 34, Frazee.

1:40 pm Report of a middle-aged male at Eagle Lake Park that was twice in the dock/park area buck naked. Advised to call if they see the person again.

4:48 pm 911 hang-up in the area of E Ash Ave and 2 nd St NE. Officer did not find anyone in distress in the area.

7:50 pm Complaint of a motorcycle driving erratically on Us Hwy 10. Bike was stopped in Ottertail


Tuesday August 3

1:00 pm Assist with a roll over on Co Hwy 29.

2:28 pm Disturbance/domestic on Rivercrest Drive. Husband and wife getting into it over child custody exchange. Female took off on foot before cops arrived.

6:31 pm Assist Ottertail County with locating a male who violated an Order for Protection. Officer found male and held him for Ottertail County deputies.

7:44 pm Driving complaint coming from DL. Female driver was driving tired and said she would take a nap at the rest area.

Wednesday August 4

5:36 pm Assist Leech Lake Tribal Police with locating a female who was guardian to a juvenile they had in custody. Female did not live in town anymore.

6:13 pm Two loose dogs reported on Walnut Ave. Dogs owners were notified.

Thursday August 5

2:38 pm Possible OFP violation, per Ottertail County. Officer investigated and determined there was not a violation.

2:59 pm Minor two vehicle crass on S Lake St and Main Ave. Under investigation.

11:07 pm Traffic stop with DWI arrest of Randolph Wohlsdorf, 51, Audubon.

Friday August 6

12:02 pm Report of possible harassment and OFP violation. City cameras showed that the vehicle in question was not the suspect’s vehicle.

3:42 pm Disturbance over property between male and female. Male and female hashed things out and went on their way.

9:01 pm Hypodermic needle found in yard on E Main. Officer collected syringe to dispose of.

12:57 am Report of a male with a felony Ottertail warrant ran from officer when officer drove by.

1:09 am Female reporting being sexually assaulted. Officer took initial report and determined the incident happened in Ottertail County so she will need to contact that department.

Sunday August 8

1:11 am Disturbance on 2 nd St SE. Male was upset about his wife going to another man’s home to drink. Male took females belongings out of their house and set them on her car at the residence she was at. Ongoing marital issues. Male said he would calm down.

2:38 am Domestic issue reported between same couple from above. Female said she was out cheating on her husband tonight and he was very upset. Officer attempted to get one to leave, neither party wanted to leave for the ev ning.

Monday August 9

8:25 am Welfare check on an adult female who left strange messages at the PD. Female said she was

fine and was in a bad place before.

11:32 am Concerned citizen calling to report kids playing in the street and one was naked. Older

sibling was watching the kids and brought one inside to put clothes on.

2:55 pm Employer reporting an email account being compromised, possible scam. No money was sent.

9:31 pm Traffic stop with Becker County warrant arrest of Michael Gullard, 42, Frazee.

1:17 am Business alarm sounded when power went out.

Tuesday August 10

11:30 am Female reporting that friends have been living at her apartment, she has moved out and wants them removed. Officer informed the female that the other two have residency now, yet they will be taking over the lease at the end of the month. Female said she would talk with the landlord.

11:42 am Assist with a civil standby.

3:52 pm Assist with suspicious activity call on St Hwy 87.

Wednesday August 11

6:49 pm Male party metal detecting at the new construction downtown. Male was asked to leave

which he did.

3:01 pm Male party calling in to ask why he needed a license for his emotional support cat. Male claims he has a note from his doctor for the cat. There is not a city ordinance for felines, therefore the cat does not need to be licensed with the city.