By Barbie Porter


The Vergas City Council thanked city attorney Steve Peloquin for more than 20 years of service.  

“Sounds about right, I feel that old,” he said.

The soon-to-be retired Peloquin received parting gifts from the council along, with expressions of appreciation. 

Peloquin turned the thanks back to the city, noting they have been “impressive” through the years and their ability to be respectful in the face of adversity has been one of the reasons they continue to thrive.

The council then approved a motion to allow Ramstad, Skoyles & Winters to represent the city of Vergas. 

The council was then asked to respond to questions presented on behalf of the property owner of 1156 Frazee Avenue. The questions revolved around an easement that was granted by the previous property owner regarding the extension of the Long Lake Trail. 

The property was sold,  and threat of legal action has been tossed on the table as the steps that were discussed with the previous owner had not been built, among other things.

Peloquin advised the council not to answer verbally, but welcome questions in writing. He said impromptu questioning could be problematic if litigation is pursued, whereas written question allows for contemplation and research with response. It also shows what was said, opposed to how one may interpret what they hear.