5 years ago

August 25, 2016

Frazee-Vergas Forum

Work began last week on revamping the playground at Frazee Elementary to make it handicapped accessible. The playground project will cost $186,671 and includes cement work, rubber surfacing and additional equipment. 

The old house at 110 Pine Avenue was an eyesore in the Frazee community. The dwelling was recently purchased by Darwin and Sue Bartel who own the house next door, The Frazee Fire Department took advantage of a grant for training and used that house as a training burn for the Fire Department’s new recruits from Frazee and Vergas. 

2012 Frazee High School graduate Beau Hanson plans to declare himself a professional golfer in early 2017.  After he makes the announcement he plans to qualify for the Canadian Tour. After finding his bearings north of the border the next step is to join Web.Com Tour and finally the PGA circuit. 

25 years ago

August 22, 1996

Frazee Forum

If Police Chief Kelly Shannon were to point out one “problem” are in Frazee, it would be domestics. “For our population (1,284), I think we have an unbelievable amount of domestics.” Shannon said. Shannon said that 95 percent of the domestics involve families who are on the welfare system and almost 100 percent of the domestics are alcohol related.  There were 113 domestic calls in 1995, compared to 82 in 1992. 

Fred Daggett of Frazee was one of 50-60 people chosen as winners of the “Sit with Sid” contest. Daggett sat in the Sid Hartman section during the Aug. 20 Twins game in Minneapolis. Hartman is a well -known sports columnist.  In addition to the honor of sitting in that section he received two tickets to Tuesday’s game and a T-shirt that reads. “ I sat in the Sid Section.”

Work on the Frazee-Vergas elementary and high school additions is progressing nicely. 

50 years ago

August 26, 1971

Frazee Forum

Opening date for the new Swift & Co Turkey processing plant in Frazee has been tentatively been set on September 7. This announcement today comes from Robert Lueben of Swift in Detroit Lakes. Construction of the 40,000 sq. ft. plant is nearing completion and processing lines and equipment are installed. The new turkey plant will be 30 percent larger than the former Lakeland plant that suspended operations here a few years ago. The Swift Frazee Plant will employ 175 to 200 people when operating at full capacity. It will be capable of processing about 12,000 turkeys per day, producing up to 200,000 pounds of processed turkeys. 

Becker County showed a total of 1,630 farms in the 1969 Census of Agriculture, according to figures released by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of the Census. In the last previous Census of Agriculture (1964) the number of farms in the county was 2,129. The report also shows average farm size in the county was 275.3 acres, and the average value of these farms (land and buildings) was $32,168. 

Mrs. Mamie O’Neil, Frazee was names Becker County’s Most Outstanding Senior Citizen in a contest held during the Becker County Fair. For receiving this honor, Mrs. O’Neil, 80, was awarded a free trip to the Minnesota State Fair.