Notes from the Chief….    

Not a lot of police action this last week which must mean we are doing our jobs.  I will jinx it now for the weekend car that just worked.  

Not a lot to report on the farming side of things either.  Still waiting patiently for the rain, which it was sprinkling Friday morning as I was typing this report.  The bulls will be pulled soon and weaning the calves is on the radar also.  We also have the Holstein steers getting heavy and ready to send to the sales barn.  The market weight will be around 1500-1600 lbs. I hope.  We did find a deal on some corn to keep feeding the steers.    As you read this, I will have had a nice little vacation with nine days off in a row.  I will be ready to get back to the patrolling the streets on Wednesday.  Have a nice week!!!

Friday August 13

12:15 pm    Civil standby while female retrieved personal items from a residence.  No issues.

Saturday August 14

7:17 pm    Welfare check on an elderly male requested by daughter.  Male was ok and was with his wife.  Guardianship/family issues.

Monday August 16

2:23 pm    Report of license plates stolen off a recently boughten vehicle.  

6:55 pm    Assist with a medical.

7:32 pm    Assist with a medical.

10:06 pm    911 hang-up turned into a minor medical/welfare check issue.  All turned out ok.

10:25 pm    Officer found an elderly male walking out and about.  Male said he went for a longer walk than normal.  Officer gave male a ride to the assisted living.

Tuesday August 17

5:11 pm    Male reporting a suspicious vehicle when he was out for a walk at 4:45 am.  Vehicle was found on city cameras and left town.  Officer advised the male to have his phone on him and call at the time of the suspicious activity.

Wednesday August 18

4:52 pm    Assist with a medical.

5:59 pm    Traffic stop leading to warrant arrest of Jared Wehmas, 20, Detroit Lakes.

7:52 pm    Report of a dog biting a neighbor boy through the kennel.  Dog is up to date on vaccinations.

9:30 pm    Female making suicidal comments.  Husband was with female to monitor throughout the night.

Thursday August 19

8:15 pm    Warrant arrest of Jeremy Dupree, 39, Audubon.