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A prehistoric artifact was found at Town Lake Beach during an archeological study done in preparation for the beach remodel project.

Frazee Community Development Corporation joins park effort

By Barbie Porter


The Town Lake Beach project’s archeological study came back with a prehistoric artifact found.

State Archaeologist Amanda Gronhovd reported the artifact found “is a Knife River Flint flake (chip of stone from making a stone tool).”

In an email she stated, Knife River Flint is an exotic material which does not naturally occur in central Minnesota. Knife River Flint comes from western North Dakota, indicating that the people who left the flake behind had traveled to western North Dakota to gather the material or traded for it. The flake also shows evidence that it was used as a small tool on its own.”

The Frazee Economic Development Authority was made aware of the recent news during its monthly meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 31. 

Frazee City Administrator Jordin Roberts said the finding means more testing will need to be done at the site to examine a larger area and determine if the finding was a fluke or not.

Gronhovd stated in an email that her recommendation was more “shovel testing” in the area where earth-moving is proposed. 

“Because I found only one artifact, it is possible that this is a very small site or that the main portion of the site is outside the area proposed for development,” she wrote. 

EDA member and Frazee Mayor Ken Miosek noted the city has sand brought in for the beach, and asked if what was found could’ve been transported on-site during that time.

While the study will take time, the city is moving ahead with the design and plan for the remodel of the beach area that is located along State Highway 87. A topography map is being created as well as a project schedule for the proposed new community building. The space would offer new bathrooms, an area to offer non-motorized water craft rentals and sell concessions.

The EDA suggested having the location where the new building will sit marked at the site to give all a visual.

It was also noted the Lions shelter at the beach is set to be moved this fall.

City now owns event center, FCDC joins Wannigan Park effort

EDA President Hank Ludtke informed the EDA that Wannigan Regional Park is now partnered  with the Frazee Community Development Corporation (FCDC). 

The group previously held the deed for the event center until it was paid for. In an email dated Aug. 24, it stated the FCDC “signed the deed of the community center property over to the city.”

It was also noted the FCDC revised its mission and bylaws to include the Wannigan Park and accept grants.

Ludtke said the existing board will mesh with the FCDC advisory committee and include: Erik Anderson, Heath Peterson, Denise Anderson, Hank Ludtke, Ashley Renollett, Polly (Daggett) Anderson and Anna Potvin.

Board advisors will include Tom Watson, Fred Daggett, Wayne Mickelson and Jay Estenson.

The group’s targets include finalizing the master plan, assisting with grant applications, lead private fundraising efforts for land acquisition and seed money, lead visionary development of a plan to influence land usage and programming and help position and prepare Frazee’s infrastructure for the tourism industry and more.

The board will work with the city of Frazee, Becker County, Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission, National Park Service and others.

Ludtke said the local North Country Scenic Trail committee has also discussed the park and members, on their own accord, have stated they would be open to donating to the project if the trail can go through the park.

“We maybe have $50,000 to $70,000 lined up,” Ludtke said. “It’s a good start.”