Contributed photo
The existing turkey sign located near the entrance to Frazee is set to be replaced. One option under review includes a turkey the bottom half and proposed logos on the billboard that represent the amenities offered in the city.

To the Editor, 

In last weeks Frazee Forum there was an article about the City Council “rebranding” Frazee and there was a picture of three people holding up four different suggestions for the new road sign, which will replace the large “turkey” sign near the East entrance to Frazee.  All four signs were very similar  so pictured above is one of them.

The four colored rectangles contain lines to represent Frazee’s river, houses, trees and trails, which some must think are unique features for a Minnesota town and worth advertising.   

If you are driving down the highway at 65 mph, there is nothing on this sign that stands out so that you notice it, and if you do notice it, it’s not much of a draw to come into the town. 

Consider contacting the city council members or the city office if you agree that this sign is a waste of taxpayers money.

Diane Mistelske