The Becker County State Fair participant results are in and several local residents earned a ribbon at the big event.

The clubs from the area that attended the state fair included: Independent (IND), Cloverdale (CL), River Valley (RV), Burlington Cubs (BC),  Franklin (FR), Wild Things (WT), Busy Bees (BB), Happy Hillside (HH), Wolf Lake Woodchucks (WLW) and the Height-of-Land 69’ers (HOL).

State placing project exhimitors were:

• Mara Bestge, Fine Arts, Blue, FR.

• Sam Bestge, Citizenship, Purple, FR.

• Brody Foster, Demonstration, Blue, IND.

• Anna Jepson, Health, Red, HOL.

• Seth Jepson, Consumer Ed, Blue, HOL.

• Faith Jepson, Global Connections, Blue, HOL.

• Gracie Johnson, Child Development, Blue, FR.

• Keela Johnson, Child Development, Blue, FR.

• Julian Jimenez, Demonstration, Blue, IND.

• Katelyn Kleven, Health, Blue, FR.

• Alydia Mitchell, Safety, Blue, HH.

• Alyssa Mitchell, Child Development, Purple, HH.

• Brady Mitchell, Exploring Animals, Blue, HH.

• Alonna Moench, Demonstration, Blue, IND.

• Elias Okeson, Self-Determined, Blue, CL.

• Elizabeth Schauer, Fine Arts, Purple, FR.

• Abigail Sellgren, Self-Determined, Blue, HOL.

• Mikela Warling, Photography, Blue, BB.

Livestock 4-H Project Exhibitors

• Teigan Bjerke, Beef, 6th, FR.

• Todd Bjerke, Beef, 8th, FR.

• Trent Bjerke, Beef, 8th, FR.

• Maren Hoban, Beef, 3rd, FR.

• Allison Kelly , Swine, Blue, FR.

• Katelyn Kleven, Goat (Meat), Red, FR.

• Skylure Lehman, Rabbits, Purple, BC.

• Elaina Mattson, Swine, Blue, FR.

• Flynn Mattson, Swine, Blue, FR.

• Thea Mattson, Beef, 7th, FR.

• Alyssa Mitchell, Beef, 5th, HH.

• Brady Mitchell, Beef, 1st, HH.

• Carter Minske, Swine, Blue, FR.

• Mya Moore, Beef, 4th, WT.

• Cael Schlauderaff, Dairy, Blue, HH.

• Keira Schlauderaff, Dairy, Red, HH.

• Maya Schlauderaff, Swine, Blue, HH.

• Thad Schlauderaff, Dairy, Red, HH.

• Erin Schauer, Sheep, Blue, FR.

• Taylor Schauer, Sheep, Purple, FR.

• Abigail Sellgren, Poultry, Blue, HOL.

• Kirsten St. Germain, Rabbits, Purple, BC.

• Kylee St. Germain, Rabbits, Blue, BC.

• Shawndra St. Germain , Rabbits, Blue, BC.

(*Beef Participants:  Numerical Ribbon System used.)