Claire Mickelson showed up to Fall Fest dressed as a sumo wrestler ready to tackle morning bingo while classmate Harlee Stock dressed as a clown.
Third grade teachers Tanya Mahoney, Sheila Ziegler and Danya Dahlin dressed as paper, rock and a scissors.
Izabella Weets was all smiles during the Fall Fest obstacle course.
Frazee Elementary students partook in a game of tug o’war as part of the Fall Fest.
Students and teachers in grades K-6 dressed up an held a parade around the track for Fall Fest. Parents watched from the bleachers.
A kangaroo was one of three animals students were able to pet and feed at Fall Fest.
Students created a center circle and outer circle to push a big red ball around. Other students were picked to outrun the ball during the Fall Fest game.

By Barbie Porter


Frazee Elementary students in grades K-6 and the staff dressed up to celebrate Halloween and enjoy Fall Fest on Friday, Oct. 29. 

The students earned the day filled with games and fun after surpassing a fundraising goal the adminstration set to help pay for field trips and enrichment activities.

The day included school-wide bingo, a petting zoo, obstacle courses, tug o’war and more games as well as a costume parade.