By Barbie Porter


The youth firearms deer season in Minnesota was held from Thursday, Oct. 21-Sunday, Oct. 24. 

Area youth participated in the event, which required no special permit, just  a regular hunting license. 

A request was made on the newspaper’s Facebook page for photos of the youth hunter and their deer. A similar request will be presented when rifle season opens for all ages. 

Brooklyn Benke, age 11, captured a deer during the youth hunt season. She is the daughter of Adam and Kimberly Gomez.
Harlee Erickson, age 11, brought home her first deer during the youth deer hunt season. She is the daughter of Jill Erickson and Greg Erickson.
Peyten Jepson, age 10, captured her first deer with a 100-yard shot.
Kaleb Kessler, age 13, his deer.
Gavin Ortiz, age 14, captured a 10 point buck.
Aiden King, 13, went hunting with his Grandpa Wayne King. Aiden shot a 9-point buck during the youth hunt.
Hunter Piekarski, age 11 had a successful youth deer season hunt. He is the son of Doug and Crystal Piekarski.
Gavin Pope, 13, captured a button buck during the youth hunt season.
Charlie Turnbull-Sanders, age 13, captured a 10-point buck. He was hunting with his dad, Myles.
Adam Vigen, age 14, is the son of Ryan and Annie Vigen. His buck had 9 points.