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The new beach house at Town Lake in Frazee hit a roadblock. An initial archeological dig, which was required to obtain grant money, uncovered artifacts. A more in-depth study is now required.

Historical plaque offered to city

By Barbie Porter


The Town Lake beach house project will be on hold until a more in-depth archeological study can be completed. 

The Frazee City Council was updated at its monthly meeting on Monday, Nov. 15. The council was aware some artifacts had been found at the beach site, but were waiting on a state agency to determine if additional findings would warrant a more in-depth look. Eventually, the state informed the council that the city would need to hire an archaeologist for a further study. 

Frazee City Administrator Jordin Roberts asked the organization working on the beach house design plan if they had an archeologist on staff, or a contact. She said while there was not one on staff, recommendations would be made. She also checked with the Wannigan Park Committee.

The Wannigan Park Committee is working to secure Legacy Funding, and fundraise to purchase acreage along County Highway 29 that abuts the elementary school. The land would be turned into a large park with recreational opportunities, as well as campsites.

Part of the plan includes designating land development areas for amenities. Roberts said the committee will utilize an archeologist as well. 

She noted with abundant acreage, the estimate was  about $18,000. However, the public beach site would be a much smaller vicinity and pinpointed to a specific area where the new beach house would be located (between the current one and the Lions picnic shelter). She added to receive the $250,000 grant, the extra step is necessary.

Utilities Superintendent Larry Stephenson asked if anyone has conducted borings at the site to ensure the soil can support the proposed building. He recommended that concern be discussed with the company designing the building.

Eagle Lake Campground work continues

The council learned the plan for the Eagle Lake Campground was moving forward. 

The first step was to present the project to the Becker County Board of Commissioners, as a variance was needed. 

Eagle Lake has 245-feet of lake frontage. The park is not in city limits and therefore must adhere to county standards. The county requires a lake shore RV park to have 300-feet of lake frontage. The size of Eagle Lake Park would also limit the number of RV spots  to four sites (any more would equate to more regulations and costs).

If the county approved a variance, then the city council would consider the park plan. 

Councilman Mike Sharp explained the city’s shoreline ordinance policy requires structures be back 75 feet from the high water mark. The RVs would not meet that requirement and therefore need a variance. A conditional use permit would also be needed.

Mayor Ken Miosek said he spoke with Burlington Township officials and heard no issues with the RV park proposal.  

It was noted there were some concerns from lake residents, but those issues would be considered if a fuller plan was created. Sharp explained if the county or city does not provide needed approval for the park, there would be no need to do additional work of planning the finer details. 

Years ago the idea of selling the property was considered, as that would provide a large fund for the park department. However, the idea created concerns from residents that own property along the lake, who use the public access at the park/beach, to put their boats in the water in the spring and remove them in the fall. 

The concept of creating a seasonal RV site has also been discussed, as that option would provide continuous cash flow to the park and recreation budget.

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The Becker County Board of Commissioners were set to review a RV campsite proposal at Eagle Lake Beach.