Pipe struck while digging

By Barbie Porter


Communication companies were in Frazee on Tuesday, Nov. 23 digging in the alleyway that is located between Main Avenue and the Frazee Event Center. While digging, a natural gas line was punctured. Some social media posts suggested the leak was at the liquor store,  but that was later determined to be false. 

Frazee City Administrator Jordin Roberts said the gas leak was in a nearby alley. The liquor store, event center and Mahube offices, which are all city-owned and in the same corridor, were evacuated out of caution.

She noted that Minnesota Energy, which owns and operates the natural gas line, was quickly on scene and tested nearby buildings to ensure no other areas were impacted from the leakage.

Frazee Police Officer Ryan Seeger was on duty when the call came in. He reported the leak notification was received by Becker County Dispatch at 1:11 p.m. The call  to dispatch stated the natural gas line had been struck just off Second Street Northeast. The Frazee Police Department and Frazee Fire Department arrived on scene within minutes and began evacuating people from surrounding buildings, which included the city liquor store.

Seeger reported by 5 p.m. Minnesota Energy confirmed the leak had been stopped and emergency crews were allowed to clear the scene.

“The area of town effected is no longer dangerous and businesses can reopen as usual,” Seeger stated. “No injuries have been reported.”

He added the Frazee Police Department was thankful for all involved in keeping the public safe and the quick responses, hard work and cooperation during the event.

“We hope everyone [had] a happy and safe Thanksgiving,” Seeger said.