Play tells the story of an unauthorized  adaption of popular heist movie

By Tucker Henderson


Frazee students are hard at work practicing for this year’s one-act play titiled, “The One-Act Play Disaster” by Don Zolidis. 

The play tells the story of a group of actors putting on an unauthorized adaptation of a popular heist movie. Murphy’s Law is a strong theme throughout the performance as a crew member seeks revenge, budget constraints make for a shoddy set and inept cast members try their best.

Though cast members with crippling stage-fright, uncoordinated acrobatics and a tendency to read stage directions outloud might ruin any other play, they make for a hilarious performance when emulated with purpose.

Cast members include Reilynn Tracy, Jillian Hanley, Kirsten St. Germain, Abbey Sellgren, Gabbie Frohman, Lily Hovland, Madison Simmons, Kylee St. Germain, Ariel Potter, Melody Justnes, Shawndra St. Germain, Jonathan Buhr, Annikah Blauert, Addison Jager, Sam Stockstrom, Sophia Sweeny, and Collin Wegscheid.

Crew and tech members include Payton Suedel, Heidi Hunt, Aiden King, Alma Slevin, Izzy Moser and Emily Slevin.

“If we are one of the top two performances, we advance to sections the next week,” said Director Brian Selander. Though competition at Sub-Sections in Park Rapids on Jan. 29 is in the forefront of Selander’s mind, he also knows the public would enjoy seeing a performance. “We usually set up a public showing of it, but we have not set a date for that yet.” Selander has been directing and co-directing plays in Frazee since 2016. 

“The kids are already doing a great job developing their characters and portraying them on stage,” he said. “(I) can’t wait to see what we will be able to do in the next month and a half!”