Deadlines approaching for pillars, granite benches

By Chad Koenen


As the end of the year approaches, a group of local residents are renewing their push for additional fundraising to complete the second phase of an expansive veterans memorial in Vergas. 

Lyle Krieg, who is a member of the Vergas Veterans Memorial, said the deadline to order a custom granite bench and have it installed as part of the second phase of the project is Jan. 10, 2022. The deadline to have a name of a veteran added to one of the large granite pillars is Feb. 10.

Krieg said the committee wants to “remind people if they want to donate before the year to do so soon. A lot of people want to do that and it is a great Christmas present.”

The Veterans Memorial is located along Frazee Avenue in Vergas. 

The first phase of the project, which was completed last summer,  included installing two white  concrete circles. Both circles have insets. One inset is of a smaller circle that is made of gray-colored concrete. Around the outer edge of the larger white concrete circle are flag poles representing the U.S., POW/MIA, six service flags and one Minnesota flag. There is also a spot for a flagpole for the Space Force, if someone wants that addition in the future.

The other white concrete circle has an inset of a gray-concrete star. The future plan is to have tablets, or granite pillars, with names of service members engraved.

The second phase of the project will include granite memorials pillars, benches and other enhancements to the area. Any veteran (or family of) is invited to have their name memorialized, not just those living in or from Vergas. Krieg said that was discussed, and it was decided when one served, they did so for the country, not for their local community.

The committee is accepting donations to help move the project to the next phase.  To learn how to donate, Krieg can be contacted at (701) 238-1575.