Town Lake Beach phase two study to be contested

By Barbie Porter


The Frazee City Council was asked by the Frazee Economic Development Authority to make a decision for them. 

During its recent EDA meeting, a majority of the members attending had ties to the Wannigan Park Committee, which was requesting funds for a land appraisal.

The proposed park is located adjacent to the Frazee Elementary School grounds and has rolling hills and the Otter Tail River. The park concept would include trails and outdoor recreation amenities, as well as camping.

Wannigan Park Committee member Denise Anderson explained the 179-acre parcel appraisal is needed as the committee is seeking state funds to purchase the land from Greg Ness. She noted the appraisal price increased to $7,850.

Anderson noted Becker County has pledged $2,500 toward the appraisal and the EDA was asked to donate the same amount with the park committee coming up with the remaining fees.

The city council approved allowing the EDA to spend $2,500 towards appraisal fees for the proposed Wannigan Park.

Also in park news, the city’s park and recreation budget received a generous boost. Councilman Mike Sharp and his wife Michelle donated $500 for the parks and recreation budget.

The council was also informed there is an appeal process to halt the order for a Phase Two archeological study to be done on Town Lake Beach property. The study was required as an initial dig turned up artifacts not from the area. 

The city applied for a grant to help pay for a new public beach house, and therefore a further study was required.

The council opposed the idea as the land had been disturbed many times over the years. The council agreed to proceed with appealing the decision.