Department reports given

By Barbie Porter


The Frazee City Council looked at its fees and rental costs during its monthly meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 12. The monthly meeting date was changed due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday falling on the regularly scheduled date.

The Event Center Manager Jolene Tappe asked the council to consider increasing rent to help offset the increase of operating costs, such as electricity.

The rental rate for the event center was $1,000 and the council agreed to increase the rental rate to $1,200 with some leeway as to when the increase would happen. 

Tappe thought more bookings may occur if word gets out the price is increasing and it would be best to book an event sooner rather than later.

The council agreed to increase the cemetery plot fee to $650, dog license fees to $10, cigarette license fees to $65, and club liquor license fees to $250. A full list of changes is available at the city office. 

The council also heard from department heads on other city matters. Frazee Police Chief Tyler Trieglaff reported 1,270 calls in 2021. To conclude last year, in December, they took 83 calls in the month and of those, nine were traffic related.

Trieglaff named Scott Luhman as the new Frazee Police Officer and the council approved.

As for the Frazee Rescue, 25 calls were responded to in December, of those nine were in town. The rescue squad responded to about 300 in the year 2021.

Frazee Fire Department Chief Nathan Matejka reported six fire calls in December for a total of 251 firefighter hours. 

For 2021 the total calls were 72 with a total of 1,618 hours put in by firefighters. Matejka said the average amount of calls each member of the department answered were 28 with 54 hours put in fighting fires.

Matejka introduced the idea of purchasing a large storage container, as many items are stacked along the wall in the fire hall. He noted the estimated cost for a storage container was between $3,000 and $5,000.

Frazee Utilities Superintendent Larry Stephenson reported the water plant pumped 4.76 million gallons of water and 821/2  pounds of fluoride was added to the water supply in December. He noted there was 2.4 inches of snow recorded in December. The wastewater treatment plan processed 2.74 million gallons.