By Tyler Trieglaff

Notes from the Chief

Not much going on in the police world the last week.  That is good news for now.  It will pick up, I’m sure.  Let’s enjoy the calm before it warms up again.  The call numbers for 2021 here somewhere.

As for the farm, things are going well. We brought 71 bales home from the neighbors that are stored in a shed.  I tell you what, the worst part of the fall and winter with storing hay outside is the rain in November and December. The rain freezes and makes a nice crust on the round bale with the net wrap. It normally takes a few seconds to unwrap a bale once you cut the net wrap, but with that frozen water it turns into a pain in the arse.

Twine wrapped bales are worse. I told dad today that all of our hay will be under cover next year. It can be in a shed or under a tarp stacked like a pyramid. Either way there will be a little more change as the farming progresses into the future even though we are farming in the 90’s. I’m happy with that though. The equipment is paid for and we can repair most of it ourselves.  

Also, a goal for the coming year will be to have a heated storage building. I think we can finish and insulate the current machine shed to suffice our needs. It might not be one of those with the brand-new white steel walls and ceilings, but by gum, we will have our equipment and vehicles in a warm shed.  

Let’s see how dad reacts to reading this in the paper, although I have mentioned it a little in conversation. I will let you know next time how it goes. Have a good week.

The 2021 Frazee Police  Department calls for service were as follows:

• Animal Related, 47.

• Property, Lost/Found, 20.

• Assault, 4.

• Sexual Conduct, 13.

• Assist/Assist Other Agency, 80.

•  Suicide Related, 13.

• Burglary, 4.

• Suspicious Activity, 62.

• Crimes Against Family/CPS, 30.

• Threats, 24.

• City Ordinance, 14. • Traffic Complaint, 65.

• Civil Complaint/Civil Process, 27.

• Traffic Stops, 263.

• Court Order Violation, 12.

• Vehicle Unlock, 28.

• Disorderly/Disturbance, 61.

• Warrant Check/Arrest, 11.

• Domestic Violence Related, 24.

• Welfare Check, 70.

• Drug Related, 8.

• Fire Calls, 16.

• Harassment, 21.

• Information Only, 26.

• Juvenile Miscellaneous, 28.

• Medical Calls, 92.

• Motor Vehicle Crash, 31.

• Officer Detail, 25.

• Parking Complaint, 21.

• Area Police Calls in 2021 were: Audubon, 110; Callaway, 173; Detroit Lakes, 8,996; Frazee, 1,274; Lake Park, 469 and Becker County Sherif’s office, 8,992.

Our small town is quite a busy place for the police department. The variety of calls that you read about each week are tallied for 2021.  Most of these calls are self-explanatory, but I will explain a few so you won’t be scratching your heads wondering what these calls are about.  Court Order Violations deal with Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO), Orders for Protection (OFP) and Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (DANCO).  All of these orders are signed by a judge barring one person from having contact with another or others.  The difference between the three are the severity of the issue between the two parties.  

HRO’s are usually for someone bothering a neighbor or family member for example.  Usually non-violent and involving some people not really getting along.  An OFP is signed when there is more of a threat to one of the parties.  This can be a result from abuse in the past or present where the two parties need to be kept apart from each other for safety reasons.  A DANCO is put into place when there has been a recent investigation and one person is being charged with a crime.  The judge signs this order to protect the victim of a crime.  These court order violations only go one way.  The petitioner files with the court and the paper is served to the respondent.  The respondent will have to file their own HRO if they feel they are being harassed.

Crimes Against Families is a large call number for the Frazee PD.  These calls usually involve children’s welfare and also the welfare of adults, mostly those listed as vulnerable adults.  Frazee PD works very closely with Becker County Human Services (Child Protection) on these cases.  All of the cases are cross reported with Human Services and we assist on home visits and initiate a criminal investigation when needed.  

Civil Complaints can involve people not getting along and disputing the custody of their children, or people who share property and can’t decide who gets what in a breakup.  Most times the officer does not make a decision as to who gets what, as this is a civil matter not a criminal.  If the issue cannot be handled civilly, they need to take matters in front of a judge and let the courts decide.  

Officer Detail is sort of a miscellaneous call group with things varying from gas drive-offs to giving someone a ride home to having to break into someone’s home because they left their keys inside.  

Welfare Checks are basically checking up on people that someone either hasn’t heard from in some time or dealing with someone that isn’t in their right place according to the caller.  These calls can lead to helping someone who is lost, someone who is having a mental crisis, or even finding a deceased person.  Some of these calls can be very basic while some can be very unpredictable.

Suspicious Activity calls can be very basic but can be very dangerous too.  A report of a vehicle at a park can just be two young people “talking in the backseat”.  It can also be a person with a felony warrant who does not want to go back to prison and has several weapons with them.  One never knows what the call is going to be when it comes out.  

I have described a few of the calls in more detail that we handle on a weekly basis.  If you have any questions about the calls, please feel free to email myself at