Borah, Piechel, Moe, Nagel finish on top of the podium

Photos by Tasha Geiser
The Frazee Hornets defeated New York Mills and United Clay Becker during a triangular on Thursday night. The triangular was held in NY Mills.

By Chad Koenen


Four Hornets took first place and Frazee captured second place as a team at the annual Heart O’ Lakes Conference tournament on Saturday in Frazee.

Brady Borah, Bailey Piechel, Tyler Moe and Jake Nagel all placed first individually, while 10 Hornets placed in the top four overall at the tournament.

In addition to the HOL Conference tournament, the Hornets swept a triangular in New York Mills on Thursday night.

Also last week, Cash Osterman, Jack Graham, Tanner Moe and Raymond Sanchez all advanced to the ninth grade state wrestling tournament. 

Osterman took second place at 100 lbs., while Graham took second place at 160 lbs., Moe took first place at 170 lbs. and Sanchez took second place at 189 lbs. 

This week the Hornets will travel to Barnesville for a triangular against the Trojans and Wadena-Deer Creek, before hosting a triangular against Grand Rapids and Perham on Friday night. 


Frazee swept a triangular over United Clay Becker and New York Mills on Thursday night. After defeating United Clay Becker by a score of 63-18, the Hornets won a thriller against the host NY Mills team to complete the two match sweep.

In their match against NY Mills, the Hornets and Eagles traded decisions and major decisions for much of the early part of the match. Cash Osterman got the Hornets on the scoreboard when he defeated Creed Mursu by a 7-1 decision. After the Eagles took a brief 7-3 lead, Sebastian Sonnenberg tied the match up at 7-7 with a commanding 11-1 major decision at 126 lbs. 

Jay Mindermann of NY Mills won a decision at 132 lbs., before Bailey Peichel once again tied the match at 138 lbs. for Frazee when he secured a 3-0 decision. 

The Eagles took a brief 13-10 lead with a decision at 145 lbs., before Jake Nagel gave the Hornets their first pin of the match with a fall in just 57 seconds at 152 lbs. That match started a four match winning streak for the Hornets that also included an 11-7 decision by Max Rue, a 1-0 decision by Jack Graham and an 11-2 major decision by Daniel Graham to give the Hornets a 26-13 lead.

The Eagles got back in the match with back-to-back pins at 195 lbs. and 220 lbs., to make the score 26-25 in favor of Frazee heading into the heavyweight match. Xander Kohler wasted little time as he secured a pin at the 1:22 mark of the match to give the Hornets a 32-25 win over the Eagles. 

Frazee 63 United Clay Becker 18

106 Osterman, Cash (Frazee) over Johnson, Kody (United Clay Becker Badgers) Fall 1:59

113 Hamm, Liam (Frazee) over Strom, Tristan (United Clay Becker Badgers) Fall 1:49

Bailey Piechel took second place in a jam packed 138 lbs. weight class during the Heart O’ Lakes Conference tournament on Saturday.

120 Johnson, Taylor (United Clay Becker Badgers) over Heisler, Joey (Frazee) Fall 0:53

126 Sonnenberg, Sebastian (Frazee) over Forfeit (United Clay Becker Badgers)

132 Borah, Brady (Frazee) over Forfeit (United Clay Becker Badgers)

138 Peichel, Bailey (Frazee) over Smith, Kamron (United Clay Becker Badgers) Fall 5:04

145 Moe, Tyler (Frazee) over Francis, Ryan (United Clay Becker Badgers) Fall 1:00

152 Nagel, Jake (Frazee) over Anderson, Ethan (United Clay Becker Badgers) Fall 1:46

160 Strehlow, Xavier (United Clay Becker Badgers) over Rue, Max (Frazee) Fall 1:47

170 Graham, Jack (Frazee) over Hamre, Carston (United Clay Becker Badgers) 6-2

182 Graham, Daniel (Frazee) over Noel, Zeke (United Clay Becker Badgers) Fall 4:02

195 Rodelo, Erick (Frazee) over Forfeit (United Clay Becker Badgers)

220 Kropuenske, Byron (Frazee) over Forfeit (United Clay Becker Badgers)

285 Dunham, Wyatt (United Clay Becker Badgers) over Kohler, Xander (Frazee) Fall 1:06

Frazee 32 New York Mills 25

106 Osterman, Cash (Frazee) over Mursu, Creed (New York Mills) 7-1

113 Geiser, Austin (New York Mills) over Hamm, Liam (Frazee) 7-0

120 Doll, Slade (New York Mills) over Heisler, Joey (Frazee) 18-4

Tyler Moe defeated Carter Johnson of Pelican Rapids by a major decision to secure a first place finish at 145 lbs. on Saturday.

126 Sonnenberg, Sebastian (Frazee) over Geiser, Elijah (New York Mills) 11-1

132 Mindermann, Jay (New York Mills) over Borah, Brady (Frazee) 2-0

138 Peichel, Bailey (Frazee) over Malone, Brandt (New York Mills) 3-0

145 Snyder, Simon (New York Mills) over Moe, Tyler (Frazee) 3-1

152 Nagel, Jake (Frazee) over Niemi, Dane (New York Mills) Fall 0:57

160 Rue, Max (Frazee) over Rust, Hunter (New York Mills) 11-7

170 Graham, Jack (Frazee) over Unger, Blake (New York Mills) 1-0

182 Graham, Daniel (Frazee) over Roberts, Grady (New York Mills) 11-2

195 Peterson, Braeden (New York Mills) over Rodelo, Erick (Frazee) Fall 3:18

220 Salo, Bren (New York Mills) over Kropuenske, Byron (Frazee) Fall 2:56

285 Kohler, Xander (Frazee) over Wedde, Sawyer (New York Mills) Fall 1:22


Four Hornets placed first and Frazee took second place as a team at the annual Heart O’ Lakes Conference tournament on Saturday. The tournament was held in Frazee as the team fell just 3 points shy of defeating Perham for the conference title. 

The Hornets finished with 140 team points, while Perham finished with 143 points. Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton finished in third place with 114.5 points, Barnesville was fourth with 74 points, United Clay Becker was fifth with 72 points and Pelican Rapids took sixth place with 32.5 points. 

Brady Borah captured first place for the Hornets at 126 lbs. as he defeated Caden Larson of DGF by a major decision and secured a pin over Colter Weaver of Perham.

Josh Mellema took second place after he secured a pin over Joey Arends of DGF, before falling to Ayden Hauck of Barnesville by a 6-2 decision. 

Brady Borah captured first place at the Heart O’ Lakes Conference tournament on Saturday in Frazee.

At 138 lbs., Bailey Piechel took first place after defeating Oakley Carlson of Pelican Rapids in the semi-finals and securing a big 5-3 decision over Carson Byer of Perham in the championship match. 

Tyler Moe captured place when he secured a pin in just 14 seconds in the quarter finals, before wining by a tech fall over Kaden Feldt of Perham in the semi-finals. In the championship match, Moe picked up an 8-0 major decision over Carter Johnson to secure first place. 

Not to be outdone, Jake Nagel secured first place by defeating Jacob Meeks of Perham by tech fall in the semi-finals, before defeating Ethan Anderson of United Clay Becker by a pin in just 29 seconds in the championship match at 152 lbs. 

Also placing for the Hornets was Max Rue, who took third place at 160 lbs.; Daniel Graham, who took third place at 170 lbs.;  Eric Rodelo, who took second place at 195 lbs.; Byron Kropuenske, who took third place at 220 lbs. and Xander Kohler, who took fourth place at 285 lbs. 

126- 1st place- Round 1 – Brady Borah (Frazee) 6-15 won by major decision over Caden Larson (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 0-2 (MD 12-1); Round 3 – Brady Borah (Frazee) 6-15 won by fall over Colter Weaver (Perham) 10-7 (Fall 1:42)

132- 2nd place- Round 1 – Josh Mellema (Frazee) 10-10 won by fall over Joey Arends (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 5-11 (Fall 1:30); Round 3 – Ayden Hauck (Barnesville) 17-4 won by decision over Josh Mellema (Frazee) 10-10 (Dec 6-2)

138- 1st place- Quarterfinal – Bailey Piechel (Frazee) 11-4 received a bye () (Bye); Semifinal – Bailey Piechel (Frazee) 11-4 won by fall over Oakley Carlson (Pelican Rapids) 15-15 (Fall 5:25); 1st Place Match – Bailey Piechel (Frazee) 11-4 won by decision over Carson Byer (Perham) 14-16 (Dec 5-3)

145- 1st place- Quarterfinal – Tyler Moe (Frazee) 16-12 won by fall over John Steeke (Perham) 0-2 (Fall 0:14); Semifinal – Tyler Moe (Frazee) 16-12 won by tech fall over Kaden Feldt (Perham) 13-21 (TF-1.5 4:06 (15-0)); 1st Place Match – Tyler Moe (Frazee) 16-12 won by major decision over Carter Johnson (Pelican Rapids) 9-5 (MD 8-0)

152- 1st place- Quarterfinal – Jake Nagel (Frazee) 20-2 received a bye () (Bye); Semifinal – Jake Nagel (Frazee) 20-2 won by tech fall over Jacob Meeks (Perham) 2-2 (TF-1.5 3:05 (19-3)); 1st Place Match – Jake Nagel (Frazee) 20-2 won by fall over Ethan Anderson (United Clay Becker Badgers) 10-11 (Fall 0:29)

160- 3rd place- Round 1 – Blake Lorentz (Perham) 26-11 won by fall over Max Rue (Frazee) 5-15 (Fall 4:00); Round 2 – Xavier Strehlow (United Clay Becker Badgers) 14-6 won by fall over Max Rue (Frazee) 5-15 (Fall 2:28); Round 3 – Max Rue (Frazee) 5-15 won by fall over Bodey Devries (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 2-12 (Fall 2:53)

170- Quarterfinal – Dan Graham (Frazee) 15-11 received a bye () (Bye); Semifinal – Braylon Rach (Perham) 14-14 won by decision over Dan Graham (Frazee) 15-11 (Dec 3-2); Cons. Semi – Dan Graham (Frazee) 15-11 won by fall over Huguas Hames (Perham) 3-8 (Fall 2:49); 3rd Place Match – Dan Graham (Frazee) 15-11 won by fall over Carston Hamre (United Clay Becker Badgers) 9-8 (Fall 2:03)

195- 2nd place- Quarterfinal – Eric Rodelo (Frazee) 4-9 received a bye () (Bye); Semifinal – Eric Rodelo (Frazee) 4-9 received a bye () (Bye); 1st Place Match – Hudson Hackel (Perham) 15-8 won by fall over Eric Rodelo (Frazee) 4-9 (Fall 3:31)

220- 3rd place- Round 1 – Bryce Fischer (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 21-11 won by decision over Byron Kropuenske (Frazee) 15-8 (Dec 7-6); Round 2 – Byron Kropuenske (Frazee) 15-8 won by fall over Jaxon Vetsch (Perham) 11-12 (Fall 0:38); Round 3 – Jordan Kroll (Barnesville) 22-8 won by fall over Byron Kropuenske (Frazee) 15-8 (Fall 4:56)

285- 4th place- Quarterfinal – Xander Kohler (Frazee) 7-16 won by fall over Tim Wells (Barnesville) 13-9 (Fall 2:14); Semifinal – Victor Sosa (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 12-7 won by fall over Xander Kohler (Frazee) 7-16 (Fall 2:25); Cons. Semi – Xander Kohler (Frazee) 7-16 won by fall over Aiden Edeen (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 5-11 (Fall 1:19); 3rd Place Match – Reese Willprecht (Perham) 15-9 won by fall over Xander Kohler (Frazee) 7-16 (Fall 4:40)