Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) offers frozen, shipped meals to older adults statewide through its LSS Meals to Go service. LSS Meals equips older adults to live healthier, more active and independent lives and makes eating fun and easy. They also serve individuals experiencing food insecurities or who need assistance with nutrition or nutrition requirements.

The meals are designed by a licensed, registered dietitian to ensure that they are healthy and nutritious. Plus, nutritionally-modified meals are available for individuals with special dietary needs, such as those who have diabetes or require a controlled sodium, low fat or low cholesterol diet. This service also provides healthy meal options to older adults in rural areas who may not have access to regular, nutritious meals.

“We are grateful to be able to offer these healthy and delicious meals for older adults,” said Kristin Quenzer, senior director of LSS meals. “It’s a service that’s rapidly growing in popularity to address many different needs for older adults — especially at this time during our cold winters and an ongoing pandemic that make it more difficult to visit the grocery store.”

Luann is an older adult who utilizes the LSS Meals to Go service. It’s hard for her to stand for long periods of time, which then makes cooking a challenge, too. “These meals enhance my life so much. Without them, I know I would have to resort to eating more convenience foods that are fast to prepare, but not very healthy,” Luann said. “The meals are absolutely marvelous for older adults who have difficulty shopping for groceries or cooking healthy meals.” 

Since the start of the pandemic, LSS Meals has experienced a dramatic increase in meals requested. In 2020, they shipped 8,082 total meals, and in 2021 they shipped 21,623 meals. Currently, 750 meals are shipped out weekly.

Meals are covered for Minnesotans who use any of the following waiver programs: Alternative Care (AC), Brain Injury (BI), Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI), Developmental Disabilities (DD) and Elderly Waiver (EW). These waiver programs provide support to individuals in their home or community, rather than in an institutional setting. Meals are also available to anyone in Minnesota who could benefit from healthy meals shipped directly to their homes. Each shipment includes 14 frozen meals and the cost is about $9 per meal, which includes the shipping cost. 

To order meals, visit or call (800)488-4146.