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Marine Innovations recently added a Bend-Tech Dragon A400 CNC plasma tubing cutting system.

Marine Innovations of Frazee recently added a Bend-Tech Dragon A400 CNC plasma tubing cutting system.

The Bend-Tech Dragon A400 is a CNC plasma cutting, marking and engraving machine allowing Marine Innovations to increase efficiency and precision manufacturing of their products. This tool will cut steel and aluminum round, rectangular or square tubing, angle and channel up to 6 inches. It can accommodate stock up to 24 feet long. This will increase speed by combining multiple production processes into one, eliminating duplication of set-up and transportation steps. The Bend-Tech software allows Marine Innovations our operators to bring in a CAD drawing and easily transition to a finished part. The automation afforded by the Dragon A400 allows Marine Innovations greater control over the manufacturing process, lead time and inventory for a more efficient manufacturing process and better value for their dealers and customers.

Marine Innovations is the premier manufacturer of trams and inclined elevators for North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Marine Innovations lifts have been assisting clients to enjoy their spectacular views and beautiful waterfronts since 1991. Distinct systems are available for residential and commercial environments to address the specific needs of each location.