Competitive rates and adequate coverage a must

United Community Bank on 122 Main Street in Frazee.

By Barbie Porter


“How important is it to you, to call and talk to someone instead of a computer service?” asked United Community Insurance agent Rita Stelzer. 

She recognized that people pay hard-earned money to ensure their valuables are protected and will be covered, should an unforeseen accident occur. 

Those who have expectations of getting the service they pay for, it may be wise to shop local and work with an insurance agent who lives in the same community. 

“You don’t have to dial an 800 number and punch in five other codes to reach me,” she said. “Just call and I will pick up the phone myself.”

For those who are seeking insurance coverage, she encouraged having an honest chat with a trustworthy agent about the cost of a policy and expectations of coverage. She said understanding what one pays for can be a saving grace should something happen.

For those already in the know and with a local insurance agent, Stelzer suggested a visit with their agent whenever a new large purchase is made. 

“People here know how to live. If you buy a boat, recreational vehicle, seasonal property, storage unit, trailers, dirt bikes or jewelry, it is a good investment to get it insured.”

Rita Stelzer, United Community Insurance agent

When buying a vehicle, a chat with an agent before or soon-after the purchase is a must. She dispelled the myth that one is covered for 30-days after purchasing a vehicle. Stelzer said coverage may allow between 4-14 days, but that is a gamble on a newly purchased vehicle.

“If the vehicle purchased is for commercial use, then there are zero days of dealership coverage,” she said.   

She added when moving, getting coverage from one’s agent for a U-Haul may also be a good decision. And, the same goes for those renting a car for travel.

“There is also a new option where people are renting cars from private individuals through an app,” she said. “Those that do that are not covered at all.”

She noted insurance can be purchased, or people can chance a hefty out-of-pocket expense.  

Stelzer invited current and potential clients to visit with her at her Main Avenue office in Frazee’s United Community Bank. 

“Being an independent agency gives my clients a great advantage,” she said. “I check several carriers to make sure my clients get the most competitive rates, while still having the coverage they want.”

Stelzer is going on her 28th year serving the Frazee-Vergas communities and beyond. 

She can be reached at (218) 334-6551 or at