World renowned group to visit students, perform at Frazee School on April 22

By Chad Koenen


Just when it looked like all hope was lost for a brass quintet to visit Frazee High School band students, instructor Brian Selandar reached for the stars with a request from a friend.

Selandar asked a friend from North Dakota State University who had ties to the world renowned Boston Brass quintet, whether the group would ever consider coming to central Minnesota. 

“I just kind of jokingly asked if they would be interested in coming,” said Selander. 

After receiving a grant from the Lake Region Arts Council last year, Selander once again had to cancel the planned visit in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When a spike in COVID-19 cases made that same group cancel their trip in January of this year, Selander was just a short time away from needing to return his grant since it appeared as if he would not be able to get a group to come to Frazee. 

That all changed, when in just the matter of a few hours, Selander had a commitment from a group of Boston Brass members who were interested in making the trip across the country to Frazee.

“Within two hours we had this world renowned brass quintet to come to Frazee,” said Selander.

The whirlwind of time seems almost surreal today as the group is planning to be in Frazee on Friday, April 22 to meet with band students and perform a show later that night at the school gym. The performance is open to the public as the Frazee band will play several selections on their own, before giving way to the Boston Brass. The group will play several selections, as well as a special song with members of the Frazee band. 

The concert is set to begin at 7 p.m. and Selander said it will be a day that students will not forget anytime soon.

“The group we had coming in had been here before and for the longest time that is all the kids could talk about,” he said. “It’s a very positive experience, very motivating experience and something the kids won’t forget anytime soon.”

While the Boston Brass typically play in much larger venues and cities across the country, Selander said the group is excited about the opportunity to come to Frazee and visit a smaller community. 

The group’s stop in Frazee was made possible by a grant from the Lakes Region Arts Council, as well as the Clean, Water, Lane and Legacy amendment, Yamaha, The Lodge in Detroit Lakes, Boston Brass, Schmitt Music and Frazee School.