By Robert Williams


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced temporary closings of three waterways in Becker County and three in Otter Tail County to protect spawning fish.

The closings are routine and based on local conditions.

The Becker County areas include the southwest bay of Lake Maud and two portions of the Pelican River 500 feet upstream and 500 feet downstream from Dunton Locks Bridge between Muskrat Lake and Lake Sallie in Detroit Lakes and below Bucks Mill Dam to Buck Lake and from Big Detroit Lake upstream to State Highway 34.

I n Otter Tail County areas include the Dead River, downstream of County Highway 14 to Walker Lake in Amor Township; the southwest shore of Jewett Lake in Elizabeth Township and the Toad River Inlet to Big Pine Lake upstream to County Road 13 in Perham.

All closings besides Lake Maud (May 9) begin April 23 and run to at least the end of May. Lake Maud and Jewett Lake areas are closed until late June.

Closings occur each year as ice-out begins and waters begin to warm. The DNR closes the spawning locations to fishing only where habitat is limited and fish are very concentrated in one location, such as a river or the bay of a lake where fish are congregated during spawning.

Areas closed to fishing are listed and updated on the DNR website ( 

Portions of waters closed to fishing also are posted at access sites and in other visible areas. Anglers may fish in areas that are not posted.