Frazee sets nearly 50 personal bests at second outdoor meet of the season

The boys track team posted 22 personal records and the girls took second place as a team at the Detroit Lakes Fredrickson Invite on Thursday. The meet was just the second outdoor meet of the season for the Hornets.

On the boys side, Nathan Johannsen won the 800-meter run with a personal record time of 1:02.79. His time was less than a second away from breaking the school record of 2:01.85 set by Bruce Lemon in 2012. He also finished in third place in the 110-meter hurdles with a personal best time of time of 17.21.

Jayden Keeping posted a personal best in both the 400-meter run with a time of 56.13 to finish in third place. He also posted a personal best in the triple jump with a jump of 37’1”.

Danny Putnam posted personal bests in both the 1600-meter run and 200-meter dash. In the 1600-meter run he took over a full minute off his time to finish in 6:20.89. 

Newcomers Erick Rodelo in the shot put and Gavin Simon in the shot put, discus, 100-meter and 200-meter dashes participated for the first time this year at a varsity meet and put up some solid starting performances. 

Other personal bests include: 

Hunter Lyman in the discus, 100-meter and 200-meter; Tyden Schaefer in the pole vault and 200-meter; Alex Helmers in the long jump and 400-meter; Jonny Parsons in the triple jump, 110-meter hurdles and 300-meter hurdles; Brady Borah in the long jump and 3200-meter; Jonah Sharp in the 3200-meter; Ian Cottrell in the shot put; the 4×200-meter relay team of Hunter Lyman, Brady Crabtree, Brady Borah and Skylure Lehman; 4×400-meter relay team of Nathan Johannsen, Skylure Lehman, Jayden Keeping and Brady Crabtree who all posted the best splits they have ever ran; and the 3200-meter relay team of Brady Borah, Alex Helmers, Skylure Lehman and Jayden Keeping. 

The boys took fourth place overall with a team score of 57. Park Rapids won the meet with a score of 166.5, while Fergus Falls took second place with a score of 149. Detroit Lakes was third with 125 points. 

Men’s results

100 Meters Varsity: 21. Hunter Lyman 13.18, 29.  Gavin Simon 13.80

200 Meters Varsity : 18. Hunter Lyman 26.12, 36. Gavin Simon 28.34, 39. Tyden Schaefer 29.43, 43. Danny Putnam 29.73 

400 Meters: 3. Jayden Keeping 56.13, 11. Alex Helmers 1:00.86 

800 Meters: 1. Nathan Johannsen 2:02.79 

1600 Meters: 24. Danny Putnam 6:20.89 

3200 Meters: 6. Brady Borah 12:25.75, 8. Jonah Sharp 12:34.14 

110m Hurdles: 3. Nathan Johannsen 17.21, 7. Jonathon Parsons 19.42 

300m Hurdles: 4. Jonathon Parsons 47.66 

4×200 Relay: 5. Hunter Lyman, Brady Crabtree, Skylure Lehman, Brady Borah 1:42.08

4×400 Relay: 3. Nathan Johannsen, Jayden Keeping, Skylure Lehman, Josh Mellama 3:46.54

4×800 Relay: 3. Brady Borah, Jayden Keeping, Skylure Lehman, Alex Helmers 9:50.70

Shot Put: 6. Ian Cottrell 41-01.00, 25. Erick Rodelo 31-03.00, 35. Gavin Simon 27-02.00

Discus: 19. Hunter Lyman 84-09, 24. Ian Cottrell 77-08, 30. Erick Rodelo 67-07, 37. Gavin Simon 60-01

High Jump: 2. Nathan Johannsen 5-08.00, 5. Jonathon Parsons 5-06.00

Pole Vault: 4. Brady Crabtree 10-06.00, 11. Tyden Schaefer 8-00.00

Long Jump: 12. Alex Helmers 17-00.50, 24. Brady Borah 15-03.50

Triple Jump: 5. Jonathon Parsons 38-02.25, 7. Jayden Keeping 37-01.00

Girls track results

Rylee Moore picked up a pair of first place finishes, and Brynn Larson nabbed a third as the Frazee girls track team took second place at the Detroit Lakes meet on Thursday. As a team, the Hornets posted 27 personal records in the meet, including everyone posting either a season or personal record in the 100-meter, 200-meter, 400-meter, 100-meter hurdles and triple jump.

Moore took first place in the triple jump with a jump of 36’1 1/2”, as well as the 100-meter hurdles with a season record of 16.91. She edged teammate Olivia Petron in the 100-meter hurdles who also posted a season record of 18.24 to finish in fourth place. 

Moore also finished in second place in the high jump with a jump of 5’2”. 

Larson captured first place with a personal record of 1:06.43 in the 400-meter to edge teammates Autumn Hiemenz and Kodian Schermerhorn who both posted season and personal records in the event. 

In the 100-meter run, Hailey Selly took second place with a personal record of 13.11. Brynn Larson, Lainey Jacobson, Faith Pihlaja, Morgan Fulmer and Amanda Beck all posted personal records in the event. 

Selly also took fourth place in the 200-meter with a time of 28.45, which was a season record. Jayden Sonnenberg took seventh place in with event with a season record of 28.85, while Elsie Ratz, Schermerhorn and Pihlaja also posted personal records in the event. 

Ratz captured second place in the 800-meter with a personal record of 2:39.93, while Mandy Danielson also posted a personal record in the 3200-meter to finish in second place with a time of 14:52.69. Danielson also posted a personal record in the 1600-meter run. 

Other personal records include: Mandy Danielson in the shot put and discus; Madelyn Kilde in the shot put and discus; Bailey Larson in the shot put and discus; Kylee St. Germain in the discus; Faith Pihlaja in the long jump; Amanda Beck in the long jump; Hailey Selly in the triple jump and Kaidence Mayfield in the triple jump. 

The girls team took second place with a score of 116.5, trailing just Detroit Lakes who finished with a score of 155. 

Womens results

100 Meters: 2. Hailey Selly 13.11, 9. Brynn Larson 14.09, 23. Lainey Jacobson 14.96, 47. Faith Pihlaja 16.82, 51. Morgan Fulmer 17.52, 52. Amanda Beck 18.05

200 Meters: 4. Hailey Selly 28.45, 7. Jayden Sonnenberg 28.85, 12. Elsie Ratz 29.08, 17. Kodian Schermerhorn 30.01, 34. Faith Pihlaja 35.46

400 Meters: 1. Brynn Larson 1:06.43, 5. Autumn Hiemenz 1:11.15, 10. Kodian Schermerhorn 1:22.80

800 Meters: 2. Elsie Ratz 2:30.93

1600 Meters: 10. Braylee Riewer 6:24.90, 15. Mandy Danielson 6:45.07

3200 Meters: 2. Mandy Danielson 14:52.69, 3. Bailey Larsen 15:05.90

100m Hurdles: 1. Rylee Moore 16.91, 4. Olivia Petron 18.24

300m Hurdles: 3. Hailey Selly 51.13, 4. Kaidence Mayfield 52.27, 5. Olivia Petron 53.62

4×100 Relay: 5. Olivia Petron, Kodian Schermerhorn, Autumn Hiemenz, Lainey Jacobson 56.60

4×200 Relay: 3. Rylee Moore, Lainey Jacobson, Kaidence Mayfield, Jayden Sonnenberg 1:55.23

4×400 Relay: 2. Kaidence Mayfield, Jayden Sonnenberg, Elsie Ratz, Brynn Larson 4:19.73

4×800 Relay: 4. Autumn Hiemenz, Taylor Perrine, Braylee Riewer, Bailey Larsen 11:33.57

Shot Put: 9. Leslie Moore 26-11.00, 21. Mandy Danielson 23-00.00, 25. Kylee St. Germain 21-09.00, 30. Madelyn Kilde 20-08.00, 37. Bailey Larsen 19-04.00

Discus: 20. Leslie Moore 63-09, 29. Madelyn Kilde 56-06, 32. Kylee St. Germain 53-09, 39. Mandy Danielson 48-05, 40. Braylee Riewer 48-00, 46. Bailey Larsen 37-02 High Jump: 2. Rylee Moore 5-02.00, 4. Brynn Larson 5-00.00, 6. Jayden Sonnenberg 4-08.00

Pole Vault: 6. Elsie Ratz 7-06.00

Long Jump: 8. Olivia Petron 13-07.75, 23. Lainey Jacobson 12-05.00, 24. Kodian Schermerhorn 12-03.50, 32. Faith Pihlaja 10-10.00, 34. Amanda Beck 10-07.50, 35. Morgan Fulmer 9-09.50, 36. Autumn Hiemenz 8-01.50

Triple Jump: 1. Rylee Moore 36-01.50, 5. Hailey Selly 32-06.00, 8. Kaidence Mayfield 31-03.00