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Otto Hanson, a kindergartner at Frazee-Vergas Elementary school, was this year’s top fundraiser for the Kid’s Heart Challenge; he raised nearly $900 for the American Heart Association.

By Robert Williams


The Frazee Kids Heart Challenge was a three-week fundraiser for the American Heart Association (AHA) held in February and students from Frazee-Vergas Elementary school surpassed a goal of $3,000 raised.

There were 47 registered students, of which 42 raised donations, according to Angelique Goulet, the American Heart Association representative for the elementary school. 

“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the greater Frazee community for your incredible support of the Frazee Elementary Kids Heart Challenge. You have obviously instilled the importance of service, kindness, and generosity in your students.”

Angelique Goulet, the American Heart Association representative for Frazee elementary school

The students had a goal to raise $3,000.

“Our awesome kids and parents exceeded that by raising $3,667.37,” said Goulet. “We are so blessed to have amazing people in the Frazee community who give back to the community. Because of your support, kids with special hearts will have more birthdays to celebrate because we are able to fund more life saving scientific research and critically needed education efforts. Almost every family in America is touched by heart disease or stroke, and your community contribution will significantly impact our fight against these devastating illnesses.”

The Kids Heart Challenge cannot happen without the commitment of volunteers.

“I would also like to say a special thank you to Lynn Tappe for her leadership and commitment to continuing Frazee Elementary School’s support in the fight against heart disease,” Goulet said. “There is a lot of extra work that goes into organizing and hosting the Kids Heart Challenge, and year after year, she goes above and beyond to make the event successful and enjoyable for your students. I would also like to recognize Otto Hanson for being this year’s top fundraiser. Your community is truly a blessing. Thank you.”

Hanson was the top fundraiser accumulating $865.07 of donations. The AHA provided Otto a banner to hang in the school gymnasium named after him. The banner currently hangs by the Tamarac Gym; Otto will take it home at the end of the school year!.

All students who helped raise money will receive thank you gifts from the AHA with one student receiving a new bicycle.

“Angelique Goulet was thoughtful enough to buy a bike with money donated from the United Community Bank ($100),” Tappe said. “Angelique also put $50 towards one of the 42 students who participated in the fundraising event.”

Hillary Jacobson was the winner of the bicycle.