This year’s construction projects in and around Frazee-Vergas high school, along with upcoming budget cuts, past efforts and a familiarity with the district, were reasons put forth by school board chair Thaddeus Helmers on extending the contract of superintendent Terry Karger for another three years.

Each week, superintendent Terry Karger updates the construction and accessibility at the school and district sites. The entire district buildings and grounds, with the exception of the south end of the high school and the baseball and softball fields / playground, is considered a construction site. Visitors are advised to keep out.


South end of high school – enter through Door 24 only. Watch and acknowledge signs, there will be demolition, asbestos removal, and air handler removal and installation taking place in the rest of the building.

MnDOT will provide access to the ball fields, please acknowledge signs and expect delays as the summer moves on.


The Elementary site is a construction site the entire summer. 

Inside: Work continues on the “STREAM” Lab.

Outside:  Construction of the new front parking lot at the elementary school is in progress with curb and gutter to begin the last week of June.

Parking lot on the north side is also scheduled to be upgraded, scheduled to begin early July.

The east side earthwork continues as this is the location of the new athletic complex.

The west side is scheduled to have an update of the Early Childhood playground, timeline to be determined.

High school

Enter through Door #24 only.

With the exception of the south end – the site is a construction site the entire summer. 

The high school office is located in the choir room, with phone extensions remaining the same. 

The activities director is located in the staff Lounge, with phone extensions remaining the same. 

The community education coordinator is located in the Nurse’s Office, with phone extensions remaining the same. Enter through Door #24 ONLY!

The Latch Key program is located in the commons, with phone extensions remaining the same.

Inside: Work continues on upgrading our HVAC and installing fire suppression. 

Outside: The parking lot on the west side is scheduled to be upgraded in late June, currently being utilized as an exit and entry for large equipment.

MnDOT continues to work in front of the high school “Highway 87 project.”

The athletic complex earthwork and demolition continues.

Late June or later as this product is on backorder, a retaining wall will be installed by field 3.

For more information call 334-3181.