5 years ago

Frazee-Vergas Forum

July 6, 2017

A $20,000 memorial fund for the late Rodney Hanson of Vergas pushed the Vergas Long Lake Trail to the next phase. “Everyone reached in, and then reached in further to get it over the hill,” Robin Hanson, son of Rodney, said. Vergas City Clerk Julie Lammers reported that adding the large memorial donation to previous offerings and mixing in pledges brought the trail fund to $100,000, which was the amount needed to start work on the trail addition.

Frazee’s Economic Development Authority went into a closed session to discuss land acquisition for annexation during its monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 27. Prior to the meeting it was noted the discussion would be closed as it would benefit the landowner and may impact negotiations. The location of the property being discussed was requested, but there was no response by deadline and the clerk had taken time off for the July 4 holiday.

Kandy Beaman recently took over the Vergas Event Center manager duties. The 50-year-old rural Vergas resident has resided in Otter Tail County most of her life, and after moving near the small village, felt a sense of community with the “great people” in the town and it’s “natural beauty” that made her want to call it home.

25 years ago

Frazee Forum

July 3, 1997

The old saying three times and you’re out applied to Charlie Rew this past weekend when his home was struck by lightening. Rew, who lives near Acorn Lake on Highway 10, says lightening had struck near his home two times prior to Saturday’s bolt, which found its mark. Rew was standing in the kitchen during the storm when lightning hit the corner of his home shortly after noon. A fluorescent light directly over his head blew out as the lightning hit its mark.

Now that summer’s in full bloom, what good would a freshly mowed lawn be without lawn furniture to enjoy the view from? Dale Makey, who recently moved to the Frazee area, is bringing his own special touch to Adirondack-style lawn furnishings, as well as woodworking in general. Dale a native of Detroit Lakes, and his wife Marion, a Bemidji native, returned to the lakes area last summer after living in Minneapolis, and Colorado.

Looking for a way to beat the heat without running up a big electric bill for air conditioning? Ed and Charlotte Enger provide a perfect summertime diversion at Ed’s River Run on County Road 29, about two miles north of Highway 34. For about 13 years, the couple has been renting inner tubes and providing transportation for people who want to relax by spending a couple hours floating down the Otter Tail River.

50 years ago

Frazee Forum

July 6, 1972

John Quam, a Detroit Lakes attorney, has resigned his postion as chairman of the Becker County Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Quam said he was doing so for personal reasons. Mike Wammer, rural Audubon, who was first vice chairman, was named to serve out Quam’s two year term as county chairman. Quam was first elected chairman of the county DFL in 1970, and was re-elected this year.

A 14-year-old Detroit Lakes boy fishing from a railroad bridge was killed by a north-bound Soo Line freight train at 3:20 p.m. Saturday. The victim was identified as Richard Kunz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kunz of Detroit Lakes. According to the Becker County sheriff’s office, the boy had been sitting on a bridge over the Pelican River, about one mile south of Detroit Lakes. He apparently saw the train and tried to run but stumbled and the train ran over him. Becker County Deputy Sheriff Rodney Lindstrom said another boy fishing nearby was in a state of shock after the accident and was unable to answer questions.

Alma E. Rohr retired on June 30, after more than 37 years of service as postal clerk at the Frazee Post Office. Mrs. Rohr started work with the U. S. Postal Service on December 17, 1934, and has worked under three postmasters (J. J. Dale, 1934-1948; Paul Wade, 1948-1957, and Ralph Trieglaff, 1957-1972). Alma’s future plans are not fully determined, but she plans to remain in Frazee.