By Robert Williams


Desires for more food options in town were discussed at the meeting of the Frazee Economic and Development Authority (EDA) board Tuesday, June 28.

The search for businesses to lease space in the downtown commercial retail space building continued with food dominating the discussion as a need for both the building and the city.

“There is going to have to be some local effort to find people to go in that space,” economic development consultant Don Lorsung said.

According to board member Ashley Renollet, reaching out to area and regional businesses in need of space was recommended by Nate Vollmuth, president of Goldmark Design & Development. Goldmark was hired by the EDA to market the property.

“The main focus was we would like to see a food joint go in simply because with all the work the school is doing to be able to host tournaments they’re going to be bringing a lot of traffic into town,” city administrator Jordin Roberts said. “They need somewhere to eat and they need more options.”

Board chair Hank Ludtke also noted Wannigan Park is also going to create the same need in the future with the multiple forms of traffic it will bring to town. The park earned a designation to the Greater Minnesota Regional System this month which will jump start funding applications to complement the park committee’s fundraising to acquire the property and move forward.

Both Renollet and Roberts cited the collection of projects going on in town all centered around bringing more people to Frazee and the subsequent need for amenities.

“Getting a little bit of variety would be nice,” said Roberts. “As well as Wannigan Park coming to town, the Heartland Trail coming through town and all the different things that we’re working on it would be really beneficial to have more food options.”

Landscaping and finishing touches, along with hiring services for basic operations like cleaning and maintenance, remain prior to the retail building opening later this year. 

Business Center Building

Next door to the retail building, the Business Center building is scheduled for exterior work to begin the third week of July. Hopes are to have the project finished by the end of August or early to mid-September, according to EDA board member John Olson.