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The “Fairy Tale Outlaws” led by driver Cory Overland and team members: Addie Overland, Cody and Victoria Piper, Nick and Hailey Brower, Grand Overland, Brooke Oelfke, Jordan Ketter and Dani Krueger. 

The 2022 Turkey Days Road Rally, “Neverland Adventures” was a hit with eleven teams entering the  competition this year. The Road Rally was filled with clues and challenges related to Disney and Disney Adventures.  

The teams started at the Frazee Essentia Clinic where teams showed off their Road Rally spirit with decorated cars, fun costumes, Turkey Day Buttons old and new, skits, songs, and even a little bribery. All the teams started with a Disney quiz and then they were given a set of clues that sent them out on a road trip of twists, turns, games, water time, and various items to pick up along the way. 

The top team this year was “Fairy Tale Outlaws” led by driver Cory Overland. Team members included Addie Overland, Cody and Victoria Piper, Nick and Hailey Brower, Grand Overland, Brooke Oelfke, Jordan Ketter and Dani Krueger. 

This team came with the most unique twist on a road rally theme by dressing up as various Disney characters who were in trouble with the law and riding in a camper titled “Neverland Correctional Transport.” They finished in 1 hour 54 minutes and put on 32 miles. They found every item on the course and received high scores in the Rose Lake Beauty and the Beast contest, splash contest, and the Marine Institute contest. They received the top total points at 230. 

In second place was the team called “Captain Hook and the Happy Hookers.”  Team members were Matt and Roxie Riewer, Jan Riewer, Becky Matejka, and Brooklyn Riewer. This team had a record number of Turkey Day pins and scored very high on the trivia contest. They completed the course in 1 hour and 54 minutes and put on 35 miles. They received 226 points total.

Third place went to “The Jolly Roger” team of Jimmy and Jenn Jacobson and Jim and Jill Rader. They dressed as pirates and gave a great send-off performance. They picked up every item on the trip and had the best performance at Billy’s Bar singing “It’s a Small World.” They finished in 2 hours and 4 minutes and put on 35 miles. They had 217 total points.

The Rookie/Newbie Award went to “Team Hercules.” Team members were Polly Anderson, Amelia Damlo, Paul Damlo and Anna Potvin. They had the fastest time at 1 hour and 52 minutes and put on 35 miles.

Final Placings and total points

1st Place – Fairy Tale Outlaws – 230

2nd Place – Captain Hook and the Happy Hookers – 226

3rd Place – The Jolly Roger – 217

4th Place – Tink’s Fairy Crew – 210

5th Place (tie) – Dreams Come True with Linda’s Crew – 202

6th Place (tie) – Tom’s Tinkers and his Peters and Tinks and Tanks – 200

7th Place – Dinkerbells – 173

8th Place – “The Beatles” – 157

9th Place – “Team Hercules” – 155

10th Place – “The Three Stooges” – 133