Town Lake Beach project moves a step closer

Photo by Robert Williams
The exterior remodel of the Business Center Building downtown that houses Mahube/OTWA was recently completed by EDA member John Olson and his crew.

By Robert Williams


The City of Frazee and Goldmark are continuing negotiations to wrap up completion of the Downtown Commercial Retail building, including an exterior sign and stucco work. The project was discussed at the regular meeting of the Frazee Economic Development Authority (EDA) on Tuesday, Aug. 30.

Bristlin Construction had not included a powered and lit exterior sign in the original bid. The non-lit sign was budgeted at $1,985. An updated proposed cost for a lit sign from Brushmarks Sign is an additional $2,737 for a total of $4,722.

The EDA board had originally discussed a sign that was lit by exterior lights from above in late 2021.

“It’s going to be really expensive to backlight it and I don’t think the extra cost is worth the benefit that we get from doing it that way,” city administrator Jordin Roberts said.

The stucco work along the bottom of the building was planned to be done last April, but was not completed. To do the work now, the cost has increased by $1,162 for a total of just over $5,000, rather than the original bid of $3920.

Roberts questioned why the work was not done earlier in the year before the increase in cost of materials. Both issues will be addressed at a future meeting before any work is scheduled.

Ken Miosek noted a number of additional issues that need to be addressed, including improved wheelchair access on the back of the building and railings on the front of the building.

“I’ve already had three-four complaints of people almost falling off there,” said Miosek.

The building will also be appraised in the near-future for a potential sale of the building.

Town Lake Beach

Results from the archeological study that has delayed construction on the Town Lake Beach project have been submitted. 

The study found various animal bones, an arrowhead and flint. The archeologists’ recommendation to continue monitoring the area during future construction was made to the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). The city awaits a response from SHPO to determine if and when the project can begin.

The project for a new beach house and a park, along with the $250,000 grant have been on hold for more than six months after the initial archeological dig found fragments of a Knife River Flint flake.

Housing in Frazee

Roberts and economic development consultant Don Lorsung have explored more possibilities for increased housing developments at the Red Willow Heights housing development. The development is owned by the EDA. Sales contingencies include:

• A bank letter of commitment to finance construction of a new single-family dwelling, or a buyer letter of commitment showing proof of cash reserves necessary for construction.

• An earnest money requirement payment of 20% of the sale price of the lot (non-refundable, remainder due at closing).

• A site plan/survey and construction plan for the new dwelling are submitted prior to closing on the lot sale.

• Construction must begin within 12 months of the closing date or property ownership reverts to the EDA.

Lots in the development are priced as low as $7,800 per lot.

The city continues to request proposals for a housing developer with experience in multi-family development in rural communities, coupled with professional management capacity or in partnership with a professional management firm for the 4.05-acre site located next to Dollar General.

More information on both potential developments are listed under the EDA tab of

Future grand opening celebration

A grand opening celebration is being planned for late September to coincide with the upcoming reopening of The Palace Cafe, the relocation of Seip Drug, along with The Hive Nutrition and the Frazee Fitness Center.

It will likely coincide with Food Truck Wednesday’s at United Community Bank.