5 years ago

Frazee-Vergas Forum

October 19, 2017

Cassidy Shipman finished up her September Alex’s Million Mile Challenge hosting a pizza party at the Frazee High School (FHS) for the high mileage winners after school with the help of her mom Daneele and friend Sue Gunwall. Shipman became involved with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), a charity that raises money for childhood cancer research as well as funds to help families with expenses as they are undergoing treatment for a variety of expenses, when she was crowned Miss Frazee Outstanding Teen in 2016.

The Vergas City Council was informed of a no-interest option when it came to purchasing a loader for city use. During the monthly meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 10, the Vergas City Clerk Julie Lammers said there was a no-interest purchase option, but it required the city to pay an extra $10,000 annually as it would need to pay off the loader in 48 months. However, the savings from interest costs would be substantial, Lammers noted.

25 years ago

Frazee Forum

October 16, 1997

Russ Kinnen has reopened Russ’ Repair adjacent to his home in rural Frazee. The reopening on Oct. 6 came three years after the business closed its operation downtown. Russ’ Repair was formerly located on the lot where the new United Community Bank building now stands, Russ said. “I missed the people,” Russ said, regarding the time he did not operate the business. During that period, he drove truck for Wausau Supply, Detroit Lakes. Now, however, he is pleased to return to operating his repair business.

The canaries of the water have sent a signal near Frazee. Two deformed frogs were found along the Otter Tail River near Frazee on Oct. 2, while sixth grade students were canoeing the river. Both frogs were found about two miles south of the school forest bridge, said elementary principal Dave Stoltenburg. Woody Blasing’s students were involved in the find, and decided to bring one of the frogs back to classroom and allow the other to stay in its natural environment, Blasing said.

Western Minnesota Farm Resource Center has relocated its offices to the Creamery Building in Frazee. The center, which had been located in the annex of Northwest Technical College in Detroit Lakes, is a non-profit organization. Its main purpose is to assist farm families who are experiencing economic problems due to the depressed farm economy.

The majority of Frazee area residents showed enthusiasm for the bank building project at a special brainstorming meeting on Thursday, Oct. 9. Over 35 people listened to and shared ideas for the soon-to-be-vacant bank building. Fred Daggett, president of the Frazee EDA, called the brainstorming meeting in hopes of getting some input from the public for ideas for the building and to show the council the enthusiasm, support and commitment needed to accept the project.

50 years ago

Frazee Forum

October 19, 1972

Minnesota’s ban on open burning—including leaf burning—is now in effect for any township with a population of more than 2,500 and for any village or city regardless of population, the Pollution Control Agency (PCA) has announced. The Frazee village council emphasizes that this state law includes Frazee. State law since 1969, the ban included a three-year grace period, now expired, for areas where no adequate refuse-collection service was available.

October 22-28 has been designated as American Education Week. All persons having children in the Frazee-Vergas School system are urged to visit classes next week. There are no special times set aside for visitation and parents are welcome at any time during the week.

Anyone interested in going roller skating at the Perham 4-H building on Monday, Oct. 23 in grades 7-12 are welcome. You may either ride the bus and meet at the Lee Anderson garage by 7:15; or you may find your own ride. If you wish to ride the bus the charge is 10 cents and please bring the correct change. Rental of the skates is 40 cents.