Frazee received $7,500 to spend on locally grown food

Frazee, Barnesville, Moorhead, and Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Schools have been selected as recipients of Fiscal Year 2023 Farm to School Grants from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. 

The purpose of the grant is to support purchases of locally grown food and kitchen equipment.

Frazee received $7,500 to spend on locally grown foods. Food Service Director Cheryl Neyens plans to incorporate Minnesota Thursdays and Harvest of the Month into the lunch program.

Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton schools received $71,000 to spend on locally grown foods. Food Service Director Shannon Nowak is reaching out to a variety of local growers and producers and said, “She feels strongly about reinvesting right back into the community.”

Increasing access to healthy whole foods and supporting local producers is a top priority for PartnerSHIP 4 Health who is the local arm of Minnesota’s Statewide Health Improvement Partnership. PartnerSHIP 4 Health is an active member of school wellness committees where Farm to School discussion often starts. In addition to helping write some of the grants,

PartnerSHIP 4 health is assisting schools to connect with local producers to start or improve business relationships.

Barnesville received $32,700 to spend on local foods and equipment that will allow for greater versatility in the preparation technique of foods served, as well as improved access to a greater variety of foods prepared.

“Our goal is to not only support local agriculture, but to introduce our students to new foods or familiar foods that taste better with more nutrients because they are closer to our cafeteria kitchen/tables,” Food Service Director Sharon Braton said.

Moorhead received $15,000 to spend on a program where once a month they’ll feature a Minnesota Thursday menu with all local foods, and equipment that will help them process whole fruits and vegetables. 

“We’re so excited to introduce local foods throughout the school year,” said Food Service Director Ashley Schneider. “Our students will have the opportunity to try new fresh, tasty menus thanks to this grant.”